Fun Baby Shower Themes and Games

Baby showers are a joyous time of a soon-to-be-parent. We will look at some different ideas for a fun filled baby shower. So let the fun start!

Fun Baby Shower Themes

1) Pretty pins

Using baby pins for party decorations and even using it for the invitation. Baby pins can be used to hold party favors, tack pictures up for decorations. Also, a cake in the shape of a baby pin is a real cute idea.

2) Pastel circus

Some people think of this idea for a boy. But really all you have to do is change the blue to pink. As with any circus animal pictures are a must, but instead of just any animal use baby animals and yes clowns are can be used if you would like. Make a canopy out of pastel colored streamers.

3) Fresh Combo Color

This idea is more for the mom to be who does not know what she is having. Pick a combo color that is bright and cheery. These color combo colors can be throughout the shower. Have fun putting together different c olors that complement each other.

4) Wild Card

Use animals for the decorations that are animals you would find on a safari. They can be used on invitations as well as make a cake and the take home goodie bags can have an animal on it. Stay away from animal prints.


Fun Baby Shower Games

1) Pacifier Themed Games

Items you will need: straws pacifiers with handles on them.

The guest separates into groups of four, and they take turns passing pacifiers on straw in the mouth all the way down each team of four. They can use no hands and no contacts.

2) Diaper Themed Games

What you need: Blindfold, life-size baby dolls, diapers.

Have party guest dived up into teams and they all take turns changing the baby. The goal is which team can change the diaper faster.

3) Baby Gear Themed Games

Items needed is 14 pair of baby socks.

Pile the socks in the middle of the floor. Each party guest takes turns matching the socks. The person who matches the socks the fastest is the w inner.

4) Mommy-to-Be Themed Games

Paper and pins is what will be needed.

The host of the party finds out as much as she can about the mother to be when she was a child. The host writes the questions down and the answers. Then the guest try to find out all the answers. Whoever gets the most questions answered correctly is the winner.

There are so many ideas when it comes to a baby shower. It is up to each person as to what they want to do at the baby shower.