Butterfly Baby Shower Decorations and Party Favors

What better way to welcome a new baby girl into the world than a butterfly themed baby shower? The beauty and elegance of butterflies help to emphasize just how beautiful a new life can be. Softs purples, pinks, and blues are the perfect colors for a baby shower for a girl. A butterfly themed baby shower presents endless ideas for decorations and party favors. It’s time to fly through creating your perfect baby shower! Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Butterfly Banner

Transform any wall in your house into a beautiful backdrop of butterflies with this banner. The image below shows the butterflies in a pale purple color, however, you can order the banner in any color you choose. The garland is made from sturdy card stock and is sewn together with thread. The best part is that the garland has the potential to be reused later. Just imagine how adorable this garland would look as a mobile above your baby’s crib.

butterfly baby shower garland

Butterfly Cupcake Toppers

While your plain frosted cupcakes might not be the most appealing items to look at, they can easily be transformed into beautiful creations with these butterfly cupcake the toppers. These toppers are sold in sets of twelve and have just the right amount of sparkle to leave your guests in awe. While the cupcake toppers that are pictured are pale pink, you can customize the colors to match your baby shower. If you’re planning to serve both cake and cupcakes, you can even order a matching cake topper.

by perlaspot

Dirty Diaper Game

Keep your guests entertained while they wait for the main event with this butterfly themed dirty diaper game. For this game, each guest will receive a small diaper made from card stock that is garnished with a beautiful butterfly. The winner will find a small paper poop emoji in his or her paper diaper. The game comes with five poop icons so that you can control the number of winners. In addition, you may request pins for the diapers.

dirty diaper butterfly game
by Nuesi

Butterfly Themed Soap Party Favors

Party favors are a must have for every baby shower! Send your guests home with the something that they will love! These butterfly soaps are sold in groups of ten. Each soap comes with a small gift bag with a ribbon, so you don’t even need to worry about packaging the favors. The soaps are unscented, however, if you would prefer a scent, you can request almost any scent! You can even customize the tags specifically for your baby shower!

butterfly soap party favors
by sweetsoaptreat


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