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By: TheSeaGlassSeahorse

Deep under the frothy waves of the rolling sea, mermaids collect the shining, sparkling magic that can only be found on the ocean floor. Brilliantly purple and glittering like the sunrise on the lapping water, this magic will help you transform your next underwater birthday party into a truly enchanting engagement. These glittering party favors are the perfect ending to your little mermaids’ next bash and can be used as decorations and gifts for attendees.

Quote: Mermaid Magic

Contents: Light purple glitter and marine magic

Size: 1 ounce bottles (3.5 inches tall)

Quantity: Each bottle is $2.95; use the quantity drop down tab to create a set in the amount you need

Please remember to always use your mermaid magic in the presence of an adult and to keep glitter out of your eyes.

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CAUTION: Please keep glitter out of your eyes.
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