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Rainbow Tulle Tutu Table Skirt Double Layer Satin Willows with Glossy Organza,Birthday Party Decorations for Unicorn and Mermaid Parties

By: BluekateParty

🌈🌈 2X THE LAYERS FOR A MAGICAL LOOK: Your little one will feel like they’ve entered a magical fantasy land when they feast their eyes on their very own rainbow tablecloth. Plus, moms won’t be able to leave the party without gushing “Where’d you GET that?” With rich pastel colors, iridescent gloss and a double layer of sheer organza that floats over each willow, guests can’t help but fall straight in love!
🦄 ADD A DASH OF WHIMSY TO ANY PARTY: Infuse any party with wonder and magic, with a kids table skirt that truly steals the show! It’s a must-have for unicorn party decorations, mermaid parties, family gatherings, baby shower decorations and any event that needs a bit of real-life enchantment. Can’t get enough color in your life? It’s the perfect table skirt for everyday decorating when you’re in the mood for a bright, airy space.
💡 MADE WITH HIGH-QUALITY SATIN WILLOWS: Unlike rainbow table covers that use cheap polyester or nylon tulle, we only use high-end satin willows and organza fabric. Each willow is manufactured with superior craftsmanship and attention to detail, ensuring your table skirt lasts through plenty of joy-filled celebrations to come! Just hand-wash with mild soap and hang dry (NO machine washing/drying).
💪 INSTALLATION IS EASY PEASY: Hours of frustrating assembly? We’re not about it! As busy moms and dads ourselves, we know what a nightmare complicated party decorations can be. That’s why we’ve included 16 easy-to-apply velcro adhesives for installation in SECONDS. No annoying table restrictions, either. They’re totally versatile, so you can outfit a rectangular OR circular table with its own fabulous tutu table skirt!
👜 ZIPPERED CARRYING BAG INCLUDED: Good luck tucking dozens of willows neatly inside your closet without a giant headache. And transporting your frilly tablecloth to party events? Forget it! Because tutu table skirts can be challenging to fold, we’ve included a handy carrying bag to make storage hassle-free! It’s zippered for easy opening and closing and makes transporting your tablecloth a breeze. Party hosts everywhere, rejoice!

Q: “Is this tutu table cloth reusable?”
A: Yes! It’s completely reusable and built to last. Just be sure to hand-wash with mild soap when you need to clean a spill or stain. NO machine washing/drying/bleach.

How to Use Your Tutu Tablecloth:

1. Measure your table and figure out whether you need our 6-foot or 9-foot table skirt.
2. Once you receive your product, remove the adhesive sticker on each velcro and attach them to the side of the table top (make sure there’s enough space between them).
3. Install the tutu material by firmly pressing the velcro side of the skirt into the velcro on the table.
4. Spread any tangled willows by hand.
5. Sit back, relax and soak up more party compliments than you can handle!

What’s in the Box:

- 1 Tutu table skirt (6 or 9 ft. x 30 in.)
- 1 Zippered carrying bag
- 12(for 6FT), 16(for 9FT) Reusable velcro adhesives

Bluekate Cake Table Cloth and Buffet Skirting (RAINBOW)
… With Luxury Double Layer Chiffon Organza Willows

• Light Pastel Rainbow Streamers with Purple, Yellow, Lavender Lilac, Aqua, White
• Available in 6ft or 9ft Ruffles table skirt
• For first birthday decorations girl, unicorn birthday decorations for girls and more
• Unicorn Dessert Table Decorations, Fairy Birthday Party Supplies
• Table skirts for rectangle tables 6ft or 9ft and round tables
• Pretty Unicorn Fabric or Mermaid Fabric or Jelly Fish Tentacles
• We sell different colors: rainbow, blue or pink table cloths for parties
• 5th Birthday Decoration girl or boy
• Double-Layer Fluffy Table Skirt – NOT Taffeta, instead Satin and Luxury Organza
• For baby shower table clothes, bridal shower, birthday, unicorn stuff and little kids!
• Nautical, Narwhal party supplies with turquoise or teal décor or blush pink table skirt
• More durable than net table skirt

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