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Baseball Gender Reveal! Gender Reveal Baseballs in Pink or Blue Filled w/ Powder and or Confetti Pair with Our Cannons! Handmade Baseball

By: HoliPowder

Let us help you create a memorable gender reveal for you and your family!

These balls are durable and should resist minor contact, but be sure to not drop it and handle with care until your ready to swing away!

Powder is made out of cornstarch and color dye and easily washes away with water!

Powder is biodegradable, but plastic baseball pieces are not so please be sure to clean them up when you're finished!

Product Description:
-Filled with Non-Toxic, Non-Hazardous, food safe authentic Holi Powder
-Creates amazing effects for photos
-They are filled to the brim for the maximum explosion
-We use authentic Holi Color Powder for the most vibrant colors
-Practice balls come with either pink or blue and will be marked with a "practice" sticker

Message me with any questions or if you want it to be a secret we can work out the details!

Ships same day if ordered before 1 pm MST Monday- Friday
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