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Seashell Soaps, Shell Soap, Mini Soaps, Beach Soap, Handmade Gift, Party Favors, Beach Party Gifts, Seashell Soap, Soap Favors, 4 oz Lot

By: ChaoticCountryFarm

What says 'Summer Time' more than seashells on a beach?! How about some cute seashell mini soaps???

Not only are these soaps cute, they also smell amazing!

Each color of seashells will have a different Fruity, Exotic, Summery fragrance. Fragrances will vary from time to time (if you want something specific, request a custom order and I'll be happy to help!) Fragrances will include: Pineapple Papaya, Island Coconut, Coconut Citrus, Beach Breezes and other tropical fragrances.

14 assorted seashell soaps that will weigh approx. 4 oz. They will come in a clear treat bag packaged with a cute sticker ready to be gifted!

custom orders are always welcome! Just send us a message if you want something customized just for you!
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