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Mickey Mouse animated Baby Gift Diaper Cake Carriage Bassinet Stroller Basket Baby Shower

By: VlorenCreations

Baby on board?
You have arrived at the right place, so no look further!
A child's birth is a one time in life celebration and you want to make sure your gift will be lovely, unforgettable!
Tired of the same bored presents?🤷‍♀️Looking for a unique gift that will leave people speechless? I have the solution, take a deep look to my creations! Not what you're looking for🤔not a problem, I love challenges and I won't disappoint you, I promise🙏👍
This carriage includes

❤64 pampers swaddlers size 1
❤5 baby items inside such as a baby bottle, a washcloth, a hat, mittens, socks, bib, pacifier, baby headband, depending on availability!
❤Every design is unique, if you like one in particular just send me a message and I will do my best to make one as similar as possible!
❤Communication is a must, your wishes are my command!
❤The carriage measures between 17.5x16x13 HxLxW, it will be sent in a 18x18x16 shipping box. In the picture there is a 164 pampers box so you can get an image of the actual size.
❤If you like to send a card with your sentiments just leave me a note by message or while placing the order.
❤You will receive the carriage wrapped in tulle with matching curling ribbons.
❤Once the carriage is finished I will send you the final pictures from different angles and if you want to make a change just say it and it will be done!

If you have any suggestions just send me a message!👍🤗
Have a happy shopping!

This is a Mickey Mouse Stroller Diaper Cake Carriage Bassinet Basket Baby Shower

Be sure to check out the rest of my creations!😁👍👋
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