Blue and Gold Carousel Baby Shower


This Blue and Golden Carousel Babyshower was a vision of elegance with gorgeous, ornate detailing. My Greatest Party turned this fantastic venue into a world of fun with decorations from top to bottom. The room used for this party was perfect for a Golden Carousel theme, golden curtains and royal carpeting standing out beautifully. Molded ceilings were accented with lots of soft blue and white balloons spread throughout.

Golden Carousel Babyshower-Treats

Circular tables were used to give a carousel effect, keeping everyone together nicely. The chairs were gold and white, blending with the room smoothly. The tables were covered in a light cloth that made a good setting for the lovely gold and blue decorations and place settings. Blue candles were placed down the tables, adding a touch of color to the table in adorable fashion. Instead of a standard centerpiece, My Greatest Party went all out, bringing the carousel to life with a giant horse in prancing mode. It even had a large feather along with perfect detailing, making it a wonderful and unique decoration for this party.

Golden Carousel Babyshower-Flowers

Cupcakes were one of the sweet desserts offered at the shower and they were absolutely adorable. Each had a little blue and white swirly straw with a miniature horse on it, like a little carousel.

Golden Carousel Babyshower-Guest-Chairs

A layered baby shower cake was made as well and it was absolutely marvelous. Set on top of a carousel replicate table, it made a sweet center for the room. Interchanging layers of shimmering gold and soft blue, this cake had an elegant look that was certain to be enjoyed. It was topped with another miniature carousel and even had a ring of flower petals around the bottom.
This fun party also had a mix of games to keep everyone entertained from “Guess the Baby Food,” to a “Guess the Baby Picture.”

Golden Carousel Babyshower-Balloons
Golden Carousel Babyshower-Cake
Golden Carousel Babyshower-Cakepops
Golden Carousel Babyshower-Carousel-Cake-Decor
Golden Carousel Babyshower-Cookies
Golden Carousel Babyshower-Dessert-Table
Golden Carousel Babyshower-Gold-Macarons
Golden Carousel Babyshower-Layered-Cake
Golden Carousel Babyshower-Guest-Seating
Golden Carousel Babyshower-Menus
Golden Carousel Babyshower-Swirly-Straws
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