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Classic Winnie The Pooh Baby Shower DIY Balloon Garland Kit | First Birthday Balloon Arch | Gender Reveal | Classic Pooh Pastel Blue Yellow

By: partybarco

Make your next event camera ready with this beautiful balloon garland kit! This is a DIY kit, it’s super easy to put together. No experience necessary, its perfect for any occasion, and it will look like a pro did it.

Select the length in the dropdown menu.

What’s Included:
• An assortment of balloons ranging from 5” – 18”, depending on the length you selected
• Balloon Strip (To put the balloons into a garland)
• Glue Dots
• Written and Video instructions

Colors: Pastel Blue and Pastel Yellow

** Available in Pastel Pink and Pastel Yellow upon request!

*Video instructions and pro tips available on our Instagram account: @partybar.co

Balloons will ship flat. This is a DIY kit to be put together by consumer. 6Ft – 8FT Garland takes about 1 hour to assemble. Balloons should be inflated with air, no need for helium. Can be inflated 1-2 days prior to the event and will still look like you blew them up that day!
Customizable options available. I’m happy to work with you, to adjust the color combo to your dream balloon garland. Message me with your request!

Wall hooks and additional string are *not* included. We recommend using high-strength command hooks to attach to wall. We also recommend purchasing string or fishing line to secure the garland to a wall or table.

Please note: It is very difficult and time consuming to blow up these many balloons with your mouth, especially for garlands that are 8FT +. We highly recommend purchasing a pump.

Warming: Please remember deflated balloons can be a chocking hazard for children and pets. Adult supervision required.
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