Baby Shower Favor Ideas that Guests would Love!

baby shower favor ideas

Baby shower favors are little gifts given to guests as a small thank you for taking part in the celebration in welcoming the baby. Although there are lots of gift favor ideas that you can find in the market today, you may choose to take some time and create something for the guests. Below are some baby shower favor ideas that you might like.

personalized baby shower card and cookie favors

Favors that are Useful

Beauty Products

Since a baby shower is typically a gathering of women, so beauty products are a perfect idea for favoring your girlfriends to some special treatment. Some products include Nail polish, soaps, and bath scrubs. You can add a special touch with a sweet personalized thank you tag.

Nail polish

Good nail polish is like a weakness for just about any woman, so decide on a pink or blue nail polish if going for the baby’s gender theme or take the rainbow as your inspiration and pick a color that fits your theme, like green for a safari theme, turquoise for aqua theme and so on.

Baby shower nail polish tags

You can personalize your little bottles with a cute ribbon and a pretty tag. Ladies will be mesmerized by your colorful inspiration!

nail polish favors
Josie of Josie Michelle Events

Sugar Scrub Jar

You will need small glass mason jars with a lid, brown sugar, extra virgin olive oil and honey. Mix 3 cups brown sugar with a cup of olive oil and 6 tablespoons of honey. Mix well and pour into jars. This is a great recipe for smooth skin! Simple Sugar Scrub receipt can also be found at Wellnessmama.


This rosewater sugar scrubs by SweetClementineSoaps smells fantastic and are made with skin nourishing aloe vera to detoxify and hydrate skin

Rosewater Sugar Scrub

Homemade body cream

How about coconut home made cream as a pure tribute in honor of a baby boy or a rose scented body cream for a baby girl’s shower? Recipes are one click away so use internet as your inspiration and treat yourself to a day of cooking beauty potions. Place them in pretty white jar with dome lid, then tie a beautiful ribbon around it for a spectacular look!

Home made body cream container

If you don’t have time to make them yourself, you may be interested in this handmade Cake Batter Hand and Body Cream by SweetClementineSoaps. This body lotion combines Shea Butter, Aloe and Sunflower Seed Oil to naturally hydrate and nourish skin! And I must say, they look somewhat delicious.

Cake Batter Body Lotion
Cake Batter Body Lotion

Baby Rattle Bath Puffs

Since most of your guests are women and the majority of them are moms or moms-to-be, giving them bath items as baby shower favors is a good idea. You can purchase some items that moms can use or you can also purchase some baby items. Baby soap, bath bombs, moisturizer, shampoo, washcloth, towels are some great ideas.

Girls are the Bomb or Boys are the Bomb

Rattle bath puffs – attach bath puffs to a nicely laced stick to make them look like a baby rattle. Tie a ribbon with a handmade label in the shape of a baby bottle, onesies, carriage, or anything baby-related. They are really fun gifts and you can wrap them next to a body shower cream so your girlfriends can use them for a completely relaxing bath experience.

etsy KristinsWhimsy
Rattle Bath Puffs favors
etsy KristinsWhimsy

Unique Baby Shaped Soaps

Using Sleeping baby 3D soap mold silicone, you can create these cuties. Look for DIY handmade soap recipes you like and follow the steps. Package them nicely with a ribbon in clear box.


If you don’t have time to make them, you can check out these cuties below from MelodyMall! They come in pink or blue. These soaps also make a perfect baby shower decoration by placing them on guest’s tables.

pink Baby Shaped Soaps
blue and pink Baby Shaped Soaps
baby shower favor ideas for girl


A lot of people love candles so why not purchase some candles with a relaxing scent. This is a good gift favor especially for those who are a fan of collecting candles.

Boy Elephant Baby Shower Candle
Etsy VerisCandlesandBath

Choose the candles with a good scent and possibly a color that matches your theme and tie a ribbon around the candles. Make your own small labels with a short message such as ”Kate’s Baby Shower” and hole punch a corner and put it through the ribbon for a personalized effect. This is definitely a relaxing gift from moms.

Homemade Soy Wax Baby Shower Candle Favors

These rainbow sprinkled candles by TheFlameCandle are perfect if you are looking more for a gender-neutral baby shower favor. They are also great favors for a gender reveal, donut-themed baby shower, or baby sprinkle.

Rainbow Baby Sprinkle Candles

If you are on a budget, you may want to consider tea lights, they are smaller but look amazing especially these ones by BabyShowerBoutiqueGB


Edible Baby Shower Favors

Edible favors are all the rage. Everyone is doing it, and it seems to be a real hit. If you like the idea of giving each guest something that they can enjoy in a different way, then here are some ideas!

Best Baby Shower Favor Ideas that Guests would Love

A lot of people give out chocolate lollipops with a picture or saying on it that is about the shower or the baby. There are also cupcake pops. They are round, made of cake, decorated and on a stick-simple yet fun and delicious! You could also give out regular lollipops and either has the date and “(name)’s Baby Shower” printed on them, or put little cards tied on them with a bow with the info.

Don’t be afraid to have fun with it! The favors should be something to show everyone that you are glad they came and appreciate their gifts. You have endless possibilities and they are all so great and easily customized.

Sweets and Candies

Nothing is better than a sweet treat, so prove your candy-wrapping skills and prepare individual jars or boxes of sweet treats as baby shower favors.

Baby Shower Candy Favor Packaging Options

For something creative, you can prepare a Sweets buffet table for the guests to choose their own treats.

You can have mini sweet trees packed with delicious fun sweets. These are by CSTheSweetTreeShop. Guests will be enchanted by your choice plus there are plenty of ideas you can use.

Personalised Mini Sweet Trees Packed with Sweets
Sweets Tree for sweet buffet


There are cookies shaped and decorated like little onesies, rattles, teddy bears, prams, or bassinets. They are so cute and fun that you almost would not want to eat them. You could try making them yourself using shaped cookie cutter. Also, there are creative ways to display these special cookies.

cute baby cookies

If baking is not an option, you can purchase cookies from a store. Decorate them and place them in an clear wrapping and tie it with a ribbon. Finish it off with a little tag attached with the event information printed or written on. You can also have everyone’s names written on them or anything really. 

baby shower feet cookie cutter favor
Amazon by sooo

If baking or decorating is not your forte or don’t have the time to make one, you could purchase cookie cutters, then tie a cute ribbon along with your favorite recipe.

Jelly beans

A wonderfully sweet idea! Start by placing cute jelly beans in a small Candy Favor Packaging. Some packing ideas are: organza bags, cellophane, cute tins, plastic containers, or paper bags.

Jelly Bean baby shower favor tins

If you need some creative elements but find yourself on a budget, give this Napkin Diaper Craft a try! It’s a unique way to package candy favors for your guests, and you can even make a larger version to hold other snacks. Set one napkin diaper at each place at the tables, or set them up by the door for guests to grab them on their way out the door. Either way, everyone will remember these amusing favors!

Making a Napkin Diaper


Like cookies, nicely decorated cupcakes are a charming idea of pleasing baby shower’s attendants. Wow your guests by proving your decoration skills and craft some breathtaking cupcakes.

cupcake in oven box

You can make them in pink or blue if you know the sex or green or yellow if you don’t. If baking is not your forte, you can go to your local store for cupcake mix, super easy! Place them in a box and have everyone grab one on the way out. There are also a lot of people using mini cakes that almost look like the packaged Little Debbie snacks you used to have as a kid, or maybe still do. They can be decorated any way you want too.

“About to Pop”

Purchase some flavored or plain popcorns and put them in clear bags tied with a blue or pink ribbon. You can decorate them with a personalized “About to Pop” stickers or tags. You can find these stickers on Etsy. If you don’t want to use plastic bags, you can use paper bags instead! Be creative and write or paint the words on the bag.

she is ready to pop clear bags
Etsy HoneyBeePartyPrints
Thank you tags : hole punch & string through

Paper Cup Baby Booties

You will need paper cups, satin ribbon, jingle bells and a hole punch. Cut the paper cup around in half, then cut two slits to make the tongue. Punch two holes in both sides of the paper shoe area of your bootie. Lace satin ribbon through the holes and tie it. Glue the jingle bell on the knot area of the satin ribbon; fill bootie with candy. How to make paper cup booties video

Pacifier Favors

For these favors, you need to purchase life savers and a bag of jelly beans. You will also need to use a hot glue gun to glue the parts together. These are very simple to make. Lay the first life saver flat and glue the second life saver standing up on the first one. This part will look like the small handle of the pacifier. Once that is dry, turn the pacifier over and glue a jelly bean in the hole of the life saver that was lying flat. That’s all there is to it.

pacifier favors
Beau Coup

Gift of Dry Cookie Mix

Kristin from Life in Wonderland creates this amazing baby shower favor for her friend’s baby shower. Thanks for letting me share your fabulous creation. With some inspirations from her favorite baking blogger, Bakerella she created her own dry cookie mix jar perfect for any baby shower favor as she adds a nipple and a ribbon on top of the jar to make it look like a baby bottle. You can find the recipe from Bakerella. Kristin used quart size smooth Ball Jar.

Get This Look!

Flowers and Plants

It doesn’t matter if you’re having a girl or a boy baby shower, you can freshen up the atmosphere with some lovely flowers and plants.

Natural Dried flowers

If choosing flowers, dried flowers might be a nice choice. You can hypnotize your entire audience with their natural fragrances. Place it’s a boy/girl tag and wrap them up to look gorgeous!


Succulent Plants

The guests would love taking home these cuties and watching them grow! Succulents are low maintenance as they can withstand even the harshest environment, so it makes them perfect for those who aren’t good at keeping plants alive! You can get creative with special messages that would add a cute touch to each succulent.

succulent watch me grow baby shower favor
All Things Grow With Love Succulent Tags

Plant Seed Favors

These handmade paper flowers by recycledideas are made from recycled paper pulp and are embedded with seeds. As the paper decomposes and breaks down, the seeds sprout and grow. They are environmentally friendly and are a lovely and unique way to grow a flower.

Handmade Seed Paper Flowers

Another idea would be to include small flower pots (terracotta pots if you want to paint your own), potting soil, and these paper flower seeds. Make sure to add instructions about how to care for the plant.

sunflower personalized sunflower seed packets
etsy FavorUniverse

Crafted Flower Decorations

Hand-made paper flowers are very appealing and the guests will be impressed with your crafting skill! You can match the paper color with your theme or match the flower with personality if the baby shower is more intimate and personal. For origami flowers, kusudama flowers look amazing and they are actually quite doable to make.

Sewing is another way of crafting artificial flowers and some glamorous flower brooches would be a cute idea. Want more? Go for some blue marshmallow daisies or iced sugar roses. Edible flower bouquets are delicious!

Coffee Mugs and Plants

If you have the talent in gardening and art then you can consider this baby shower favor. You can purchase coffee mugs and place the plant in the mug. This will look nice and if in case the plant died you can still use the mug. You can also try giving flowers placed in a wine glass.

These Terra Cotta style Planter Mug by ModParty are super cute. These are more on a pricy end for favors, but just a thought.

Coffee Mugs and Plants

Picture Frame

You can purchase inexpensive photo frames (Can usually find at a dollar store), buttons or beads, and a glue gun. Decorate the photo frame with buttons or beads and give it to each guest. You can send them a picture of themselves at the party to put in their frame.

This homemade decorated mini picture frames by Motheroffire is so pretty and are available in different designs and colors!


Overall it’s not important what you choose, it’s important to be original and inspirational. Spread the joy by crafting baby shower favors that are authentic and private as the event itself. Be pure and inoffensive, the amount of money spent is not relevant, the final feedback is all that matters.

boy baby shower favor ideas

How and when to give out favors

At the beginning of the baby shower

A good moment to surprise your guests with a baby shower favor it’s right at the beginning of the party as a welcome gift. You can wait for every guest with a welcome drink in a personalized glass which of course they can keep as a memory.

You can either place a baby tag with the name if it’s already known or you can write simply “it’s a boy/girl” or the date of the shower if parents still don’t know the baby’s gender. You can even make it more personal by having a cute plastic pacifier swimming in the glass. What a fun way of starting the party.

Another warm welcome that would surprise your guests is to create personalized baby shower cones and hand them out as the guests enter. Write their names on each one of them and you’ll certainly be laughing at the table

In the middle of the baby shower

The best moment of giving baby shower favors is right in the middle of the party. Think about fun activities & games through which guests can earn their baby shower favors.

You can craft different prizes for winners but keep it to the same subject area so you don’t risk any further discussions. You can craft for winners a beauty pack of homemade soaps, body cream, or shower creams, whereas for a consolation prize you can pick some scented candles.

Not only you’ll have fun playing the games but you will also have the chance to see some people really enjoying their time. When sitting at the table for eating, place some fortune cookies in the salad bowl for example.

Guests will be even more surprised if you personalize the notes but then you will have to place the fortune cookie on each plate and carefully guide guests to their seats. Think about each guest and what defines his/her personality and compose a funny sentence for special treatment.

When the Cake comes

Entertain a double surprise and give your baby shower favors after the Baby Shower Cake is served. You will surprise parents to be with a marvelous cake and guests will also feel included when receiving a personalized gift.

You can match your favors with the theme of cake so if it’s an animal shape, craft some stuffed animals as favor gifts or make some cookies wrapped in cellophane bags with a pretty ribbon.

At the end of the baby shower

A little tease doesn’t hurt anyone so keep your guests on fire and handle their favors only before leaving the party. What you choose to give them is your decision.

You can prepare some delicious cupcakes, crafted napkins or cloth diapers filled with candies or any other containers that you can personalize. Whatever baby shower favor you choose will fill your guests with joy and gratitude. You can choose anything you want with only one condition, craft them yourself it’s more personal and inspiring!


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