Baby Shower Cakes

Types of Baby Shower Cakes:

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 We all like to strike with the most original baby shower cake that is also tasty and affordable but it is not always so easy, so here are some suggestions to keep in mind when you’re out of inspiration.

Edible cakes

This type of cake is the most popular selection. The possibilities are limitless it’s rather an exercise of imagination for the ingredients and the shape.

Here are some ideas:

1) Croquembouche

Coming from French croque en bouche, this type of delicacy is not a traditional cake. It is often used in France and Italy for weddings, baptisms or first communions. Sweet taste of crème puffs will softly crunch tastes leaving your guests speechless. Personalize your croquembouche by replacing the caramel with white chocolate for example, moreover, add some themed decorations to fit the background of your party. How to make Croquembouche video by cherlycake4u via youtube

2) Doughnut centre tower

Although it’s similar to croquembouche, the doughnut centre is however more easy to build up. All you need is a support for doughnuts and different sauces. Final decorations may give an inspirational aspect to baby shower cake. Sauce can vary from chocolate to iced sugar, fruit flavors, white chocolate or cocoa.

3) Funky colorful cakes

A backup tasty solution. Decorate your basic cake sheets with M&Ms, Haribos, dragée, macarons or any kind of cute sweet you can find. This will put your imagination to work and if you are feeling full of inspirations, possibly you’ll discover some hidden skills.

4) Order a cake

If you want to be sure everyone is stunned order a professional baked cake. These art pieces can sometimes look amazing and inedible when they actually are, oh and how tasty. You always can talk with the baker ask her about suggestions and secret ingredients that will make your cake unique. Speaking about shapes, there is not something a professional baker can’t do so decide the baby shower theme and find the best appearance for the cake.

Non edible cake

A new modern type of cake is the diaper cake which is not edible. They are many other non edible cake options and are generally they are made up of diapers, washcloth, socks, towels that will help future parents in their accommodation with the new member of the family.

1) Diaper cake

Literally a cake made of diapers. You can roll them in catchy way, tie them with colorful ribbons and place them together to look like a cake. After all with a new born diapers are always welcomed. How to make a diaper cake video by Inga Berk


2) Towel cake

What a nice way of transforming some simple towels into a tasty looking cake. Gather towels of different sizes for the 3 tier cake. Face wash, hand, bath towels. Roll the towels and tie them with a sparkling ribbon. Surely parents will be enchanted with your interpretation of a diaper cake. How to make towel cake video by Thom’s craft and treats.

3) Socks cupcake

What’s cuter than little colorful baby socks. Roll, fold and gather them together to look like a cupcake. Pick a nice cupcake wrapper and place a round candy, cherry, large bead or a pearl on top of the cupcake. You can make as many as you want and place it on a cupcake stand to look elegant. Each cupcake uses 3 socks. So 2 cupcakes will give you 2 pairs of socks. How to make sock cupcake video by Jenspire

Baby showers cake ideas are limitless, let your imagination flow away and give you the most personal and inspirational idea for the cake.


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