Fun and Exciting Baby Shower Games to Play!


Games can be boring or fun, depending on personal taste. So it is best to have as many options as you possibly can, to find the right ones for the shower.

Consider things like whether it is a co-ed baby shower, with or without children, if the guests need ice-breaker games to start off with and such. There are several new games, and ones you may have already heard of. Take what you like and leave the rest!

blindfold diaper changing baby shower game
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Over 30 Free Baby Shower Games

Baby Shower Friendly Feud

boy baby shower friendly feud game
girl baby shower friendly feud game

A perfectly hilarious game for your family and friends is the Baby Shower Family Feud! The printable cards can be purchased from Printabell-express. With over 19 survey question cards, it’s sure to bring smiles to everyone’s faces.

This game is played with 2 teams and a Host. The goal is to guess the most common answers to the survey questions – all centered around Baby Shower. Teams will have to try to come up with all of the answers before they get 3 Strikes!

Guess the Baby Item

Guess the Baby Item with the letter on the outside of each bag

This game is suitable for coed baby shower and any age which makes it one of my favorite games! Before the event, you’ll need to prepare bags with a letter outside. Inside each bag you will need to have an item for the baby that begins with the letter on the outside of each bag. For instance:

B = Blankets
A = Alphabet book
B = Burp cloths
Y = Yellow ducky

Asks the guests to guess what’s in the bag. They are not allowed to pick up or touch the bags. Whoever guesses the most correct answers wins a prize. You can further expand this game by asking the guests to also guess what the Mommy-to-be wrote! The one with the most matches wins!

Baby Emoji Pictionary

The host will come up with a list of baby-related word or phrase and draw a representation of them using emojis. For example, if the word is “Baby Bottle,” the host can draw an emoji of a baby with a bottle. The players will guess the word or phrase based on the emojis drawn, whoever gets the most matches wins. Here are some examples:

👶🍼 (Answer: Baby bottle)
👶🍽️ (Answer: Highchair)
🍼🚿 (Answer: Baby bath)
🍼🍪 (Answer: Baby formula)
👶🍦 (Answer: Ice cream baby)
🚼🚗 (Answer: Diaper bag)
🍼🛏️ (Answer: Crib)
🧦👶 (Answer: Baby socks)

Baby Word Search

This ice breaker is the same as the common word search game you see on newspapers and magazines. Prepare a customized word search puzzle or board by hiding baby-related words in a grid of letters horizontally, vertically, and diagonally. The object of the game is to find as many words possible in an allotted time period. The person who finds the most words wins. You might want to consider a special prize to the one who successfully finds all of the words on the list!


Baby Bingo

It is played just like regular bingo except where there would be numbers there are pictures of baby related items such a pacifiers and bottles.

Another way to play a baby bingo is to prepare a printable with squares 5 by 5. As the guests arrive, you can distribute one each and ask them to write down the gifts they think will be opened later. When one of those gifts is opened, they cross of that spot. Whoever gets 5 marks in a row wins.

baby-gift-bingo, free baby shower games

Baby Pictionary

You can put a bunch of baby related words (baby items, phrases, actions etc) into a hat and take one out and get one person to draw that word while other people guess what it is. It can be played in teams. Whoever guesses the word first wins a point. To give everyone a chance to draw, the winner for each word can become the one to draw the next baby related word. Once all the words are finished, count how many points each person won and the one with most points wins this game!

Baby Items Scrabble

Pass out papers with the word “BABY SHOWER” printed at the top. Tell the guests to use the letters of this word to come up with as many words as possible in one minute! The guest who has the most words wins a prize.

You don’t have to use the word “Baby Shower”, you can choose your own phrase or a word but preferably something long.

Pin the Sperm on the Egg

Like the classic pin the tail on the donkey game, players will need to be blindfolded and then they would try to pin the sperm on the egg.


My Water Broke

A few days before the baby shower, place a plastic baby in each of the ice cube tray compartments and fill it with water. Freeze it ready to use for the day. At the shower, place one cube in each person’s glass. The first person to have their baby break free from the ice yells “MY WATER BROKE!” and wins! Guests may enjoy finding fun ways to get their ice to melt first!

my-water-broke, free baby shower games

Famous Mothers

As every guest arrives pin the name of a famous mother to their back so they cannot see what it says. They can ask any other guest yes or no questions until they guess correctly. They have to keep it on until they guess the right name. You can use moms from TV or celebrities. Just make sure they know what category(s) you chose so they know how to guess.

Baby Mad Libs

One of my favorite baby shower games. For this game you can come up with a story related to the mother, the baby, or both. You leave certain spaces blank and labeled with the kind of word that should be placed there (i.e. verb, adjective, noun, action, object etc.) and have everyone fill in the blanks and hand them back. Then you read each story out loud to the group.
You can use this concept and create an advice for mom-to-be. So, in this case, a story could be related to pregnancy or birth.


___ (your name) was at ____’s baby shower! On _____ (month & year) the happy couple found out they were having a baby _____ (gender)!
Mom was _____ (emotion) and dad felt _____ (emotion)! Mom had cravings for _____ (food) and _____ (food).  etc

baby advice mad libs, free baby shower game
free-baby-shower-mad-libs-game-moustache-Baby Shower Game Ideas
Free Mad Libs Game

Who’s Watching the Baby!

Ask each guest to take a baby. Guests will need to hold onto it throughout the shower. They can hold it in their hand or wear it on their clothes. If anyone puts the baby down, or if it falls off from their clothes, someone else can snatch it up! Whoever has the most babies at the end of the shower wins!

Baby Obstacle Course

You have two guests randomly chosen from a hat with everyone who wants to plays name in it and give them each a stroller (borrow from a friend or relative), a baby doll, a diaper and tiny baby clothes. The first one to get the baby diapered, dressed, and strapped into the stroller wins.

How Big is Mommy’s Belly

This game is simple, fun and easy to prepare. All you need are scissors and yarn. You will ask the guests to cut a piece of yarn to the length they think will fit perfectly around the mommy’s belly. Whoever gets the closest wins the game. You can also find a “How big is Mama’s Belly” tape from Amazon here.

how-big-is-mommys-belly, free baby shower games

How Old Were They?

A perfect co-ed baby shower game. Ask the mommy and daddy to-be for their photos from as early as when they were born if they have any! Take a color copy of the photos and place them on a table or you can pin them on a nice board. Place a number on each photos. Ask the guests to guess what ages they are in each picture. The person with the most correct answers wins!

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how-old-were-they, free baby shower games

Don’t Say Baby

This is a fun and interactive game. Have a “Don’t Say Baby” game sign at the entrance of your baby shower with a supply of diaper pins or clothes pins. Guests will attach a pin to their outfit. If they hear someone say the word “baby” they will get to take that person’s pin. The person with the most pins at the end of the shower wins a prize

dont-say-baby, free baby shower games
YourSeasons via Etsy

Guess the Baby Photo

You can ask the guests to bring a copy of their cute baby photo. Mark a number on each photos and pass it around to the players so they can guess who that cute baby is by writing it on a piece of paper beside a number for correction later. If a lot of people there don’t know each other than I suggest name tags.
Otherwise, you can ask the guests to forward you a copy of their baby photo before the party so that you can prepare a large sized baby photo of each guests and you can show that photo in front of everyone rather than passing it from one person to the next so that everyone is looking at the same photo to share laughs and giggles larger photos will have more impact.

The Newly Parents-to-be Quiz

This game is for showers where the father is present for which is happening more and more now. You get each of them to go into the bedroom alone and ask them questions; for example “where were you when you found out about the baby”, “what sex are you hoping for”, “if you could pick, what would your baby grow up to be” etc. Get at least 10 questions and write down all of mommy-to-be’s answers on one sheet of paper and all of daddy-to-be’s on another. Then sit them side by side, ask them the questions but have them say what they thought the other parent answered. It is fun and sparks up a debate between everyone, getting everyone talking about their ideas!

Who knows Mommy Best

This is a fun baby shower game which will discover who among the guests knows the mom-to-be best. Before the game, prepare a set of questions about the future mommy which you can get by interviewing her, her husband, or her closest friends and relatives. Distribute the customized and printable game card paired with a pen. After asking the all questions, reveal the answers and see who answered the most questions correctly. The future mommy can join and answer the questions as well.

Examples of questions you could ask are:

What is her favorite color?
What does she like to do in her free time?
What is her favorite time of year?
What is her favorite food?
What might be her favorite vacation spot?

Diaper Changing Race

This is a perfect coed baby shower game where the parents-to-be can have a head start with their diaper changing practice! It is also a perfect team game. Grab diapers, blindfolds and plenty of teddy bears or plastic dolls, borrow from your friends and families if you need to. A doll or a teddy preferably in a size close to a real size baby. The team that successfully changes the most teddy bears wins!

coed baby shower diaper changing game

Old Wives Tales – Gender Prediction

This is a gender prediction game. It is said that there are old wives’ tales related to the future mom’s course of pregnancy which can help predict the gender of the baby. Ask guests questions as to how mommy’s pregnancy is going so far. Answers to these questions will help reveal clues to the gender of the baby. The guest with the most number of correct answers and eventually predicts the gender of the baby wins.

old-wives-tales, free baby shower games

Baby Word Scramble

Challenge your guests’ minds with a jumbled words game. Prepare a game card containing 10-15 scrambled letters which will form baby-related words when arranged correctly. The person who can guess the most number of words or has the fastest time to complete wins a prize! You can give prizes for second and third place winners if you wish. The words can also be themed on something fun, like things to do with the mom-to-be.

scramble, free baby shower games

Alphabet Baby Item Game

This is a simple yet challenging game. Distribute the game cards printed with letters from A to Z vertically. Ask the participants to write down baby-related items or words starting with each particular letter. The first person to complete the list wins.

alphabet-baby-item free baby shower games

Nursery Rhyme Quiz

Pool in some of the common nursery rhymes you can think of. Afterwards distribute the printable game card and ask the guests to finish or complete the missing phrases as you sing and recite each piece. The person who gets the most correct answers wins. This game can also become a matching game where you ask the guests to match the nursery rhyme to it’s name.

nursery-rhyme-matching-game, free baby shower games
finish-the-nursery-rhyme, free baby shower games

Name That Baby Animal

This is a simple vocabulary test for the guests. Distribute your game cards and let your guests identify the baby name of certain animals. For example; when you cite dog, your guests should answer puppy; for cat, it’s kitten; etc. The person with the highest number of correct answers wins.

baby-animal-game, free baby shower games

Guess the Baby Food Game

It’s a game that will require excellent use of the senses. You have to blindfold all game participants and ask them to predict the different baby foods you have prepared by just using their sense of smell, touch, and lastly, by tasting them. The person with the most correct answers wins.

guess-the-flavor, free baby shower games

Dirty Diaper | Shit Happens

Shit happens baby shower game

Prepare several dirty diapers by melting chocolate bars unto them with the help of the microwave. Use different types or brands of chocolate and let the guests identify what kind of chocolate bar is used for each by smelling, touching, and tasting the sweet diaper dirt. It could be a “yucky” seen to watch but certainly a fun and exciting baby shower game to try!

dirty-diaper, free baby shower games
shit happens baby shower game

Wishes for the Baby

This is not a fun game but certainly a meaningful and inspiring activity. Distribute the customized blank cards and ask the guest to write down their wishes for the baby.

wishes-for-the-baby free baby shower games
wishes-for-the-baby-blank free baby shower games
printable baby shower game template wishes for baby
Download Printabell-Express

Around the World

Challenge your guests’ linguistic skills by asking them to write down as many translations they can provide for the word “baby”.

Price Is Right

The concept of this game is similar to the popular game show on TV. But instead of the luxury and expensive items, ask the guests to guess the price of certain baby items. And just like in the game show, the person with the closest price guess to the item’s tag price wins. Or you can also play it so that the person with the closest to the actual total wins.

This game can be done even without the actual items but you can actually purchase them and eventually give it to the future mom when the game is over.

price-is-right, free baby shower games

What’s In Your Purse?

In your printable game card, make a list of the common items that people usually carry on their purses or bags. Distribute the cards and ask the game participants to physically bring or show the items on the list. It’s essentially a “bring-me” game with a few tweaks. Participants need to collect all items and there’s no need to run to the stage to bring each item. You can assign points to each item and the one with the highest number of points wins.

whats-in-your-purse, free baby shower games

What’s on Your Phone?

This is similar to the “What’s in your purse” game. But instead of searching for the items physically, the participants will just search for the listed or required items in their phone. To ensure fairness, guests need to show proof of the items they have found. The person with the most number of points wins.

whats-in-your-phone, free baby shower games

Finish Mommy’s Phrase

This is a game that predicts what the future mom will say in a particular situation. List a couple of open-ended statements on the printable game card and ask the guests to fill in the blanks of what they think the mom-to-be will write on it. Of course, the correct answers will come from the mom-to-be. The person with the most matches wins.

finish-mommys-phrase, free baby shower games

What Is Mommy Wearing

A fun way to test your guests’ memory sharpness is to play the “what is mommy wearing” game. Prepare the game card containing questions related to the dress or clothes and accessories the future mom is wearing. To avoid spoiling the fun, this activity should only be done while the mom-to-be is away or is temporarily hidden from sight. The person with the most number of correct guesses or matches wins.

whats-is-mommy-wearing, free baby shower games

Guess what’s In the Diaper Bag

Choose several baby items which shall be concealed inside a diaper bag. Distribute the printable game cards and ask the guests to list their guesses in it. If they are having difficulty in guessing the items, you can let them feel the bag or give out some clues.

whats-in-the-diaper-bag, free baby shower games

Baby Wishes and Predictions

Distribute the printable game card where guests will write their predictions on certain questions about the upcoming baby. You can ask them to predict the baby’s gender, height, weight, birth date, etc. Of course, there’s no definite answer for most of the questions.

predictions-for-baby, free baby shower games

Baby Name Race

This activity is similar to the Alphabet game. Distribute the game cards containing the list of letters from A to Z. But instead of words, game participants will think of and write down a possible name that begins with each letter. You can limit the game time to 5 minutes and the one with the highest number of names wins. You may want to specify whether guests only have to write boys’ names, girls’, or both. At the end, the guests can read off their names, and try to guess which name the mom-to-be might choose for her baby. This is a fun game that will bring a lot of laughs.

For example:
A i s for Adam
B is for Bradley
C is for Charlie

baby-name-race, free baby shower games

What’s The Story?

Prepare your game card by listing 10 baby-related and additional 5 non-related words. Distribute the cards to the guests and ask them to make a comic story using all the words listed. The participant with the best or funniest story will be the winner. In this game you will need a judge. It can be the audience, or perhaps, the future mommy.

Diaper Thoughts

Also know as words for wee hours, prepare a stack of diapers on table with some markers.  Ask the guests to write fun messages, jokes or advice on the diaper for the parents to read while changing the baby.


Horror or Birth Scenes

Download and print this free Horror or Birth Scenes Game Printable. These pictures are mixed up with horror and birth scenes from the movie. The guests will need to look at the pictures and tick the birth scenes! Answer is included!


Who is that baby!

You can either choose to use celebrity baby photos or ask your guests to bring their baby photo. Place them on a table and let everyone guess who that baby is!
Grab a Free Guess the celebrity baby printable here.

Free Guess the Celebrity Baby Game

Don’t Cross Leg!

Pass out clothespins to each of the guests as they arrive. The guests clip a clothespin to the hem of her skirt or blouse. During the baby shower, the guest must refrain from crossing their legs. If someone crosses her legs, another guest grabs the clothespin and pins it next to her clothespin. At the end of the shower, the person with the most clothespins wins a prize.

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