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By: OldCraftyBeth

The baby minnie is a versatile decoration- it measures around 8 inches in height. It can be used around, the cake, gift table, surrounding a larger centerpiece, or at each place setting

The base is made out of foam, covered with white and pink satin ribbon, the flower is out to tissue paper, and baby Minnie is cut of heavy card stock

they are sold in sets of 3 for 12.00 or you can custom order any quantity needed
I also have a listing for Baby Mickey Mouse so you can request a custom order combining the two

this is one of my best sellers because it can be used in so many different ways

I also have a LARGER one in my shop

Copyright: all copyrights and trademarks of the characters and images used in my listing belong to their respective owners. This is not a licensed product . You are paying for my time in creating and personalizing this product for you
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