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Fresh Cut Pine - Wood Wick, Handmade Soy Wax Scented Candle | Pine, Housewarming, Selfcare, Friend Gift, Natural, Father's Day, Spring

By: CoopsCandleCo

Wood wick, Douglas Fir / fresh cut pine scented soy candle in a tin container with matching lid. Each candle is meticulously finished off with a sprinkle of true Oregon pine needles, giving it a touch of unique, extra detail. Fresh Cut Pine is popular scent year round as it truly brings the fresh air of a blue sky, deep green forest right to your living room, home office, or even the man cave (Father's Day is right around the corner)!

Looking for a quick gift? Simply choose the gift option upon checkout and let your best friend (even across the country!) know you're thinking about them... even if you can't be together in person. I'll wrap and ship the candle with a personalized note of your choosing.

Currently available in 2 sizes: 6oz & 8oz


Coops' Candles are truly made by hand, in (very) small batches so products may vary slightly. At the same time, you can be sure that each candle has been made with time and care - if something doesn't look/smell/feel right when I'm pouring, I won't sell it. Simple as that. Questions? Please send me a note, I'm so happy to start a conversation and ensure you're getting exactly what you want!

One of the benefits of soy wax over paraffin is that it doesn’t produce smoke (when lit properly). Soy wax contains no herbicides, pesticides or toxins so they are a much better choice for your family, indoor environment and they are safe for asthmatics too. In short, soy wax provides a slow, clean burn without harsh chemicals filling your air. PLUS - soy candles tend to burn the longest, because soy wax actually burns at a lower temperature.

Wood wicks add value to your candle through their crackling ambiance, enhanced burn performance, and 'modern appeal'. To start, wood wicks burn slower than traditional cotton wicks (meaning more flame time for you). They crackle gently whilst they are burning (like a fireplace) which produces a beautiful effect and mood – relaxing ambiance. Finally, all wood used for CoopsCandleCo are purchased from a company that sources their wicks from Forest Stewardship Council Certified Mills and for every $100 spent on their website, they plant a tree with trees.org. Can you go wrong?
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