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By: ThistleAndLaceDesign

Put together the cutest baby shower that you'will remember forever (and make other moms-to-be jealous)! Decorate for your very own llama party with this cute and adorable llama mama cake topper. This beautiful cake topper instantly dresses up any baby shower cake and will immediately put a big smile on everyone's face.

❤ Design:
"Llama mama" in an adorable and whimsical llama design.

❤ Size:
The cake topper's dimensions are ~5 inches wide and ~9 inches high.

❤ What's included:
A beautiful cake topper. The cake, flowers, candles, and decor are not included.

❤ Color Chart:
Thistle and Lace offers a wealth of colors compared to other shops. The color chart above will help you decide what color would be the best choice for your wedding theme and decor.

Thistle and Lace offers a cost-effective alternative called "DIY Wood" which has minimal edge burns and is perfect for painting the decor yourself or for a more rustic and natural look.
For a close up and suggested theme pairing of each individual color swatch visit https://thistleandlace.ca/wood-color-chart/

❤Custom Orders:
We would absolutely LOVE to customize any of our items for you! Please send us a message prior to ordering, to make sure we can do it without having to rush your order.

❤ Materials:
Wooden decorations are made with exceptional 1/8" Baltic Birch Plywood to create reliable five-star quality products, unlike other shops out there offering cheaper alternatives. This type of plywood is stronger, more stable and has a more desirable appearance. Don't settle for anything less.

❤ Proudly Made in Canada:
-Wooden cake toppers are precisely cut with a powerful laser cutter so that the cake toppers do not have burn marks on the edges or on the surfaces of the cake topper, as seen in the photo.
-Both sides of the cake topper are painted so that your cake topper can be shown off at any angle.
-Cake toppers are original designs so that you have a piece that is truly unique and customizable.
-Wood cake toppers are made in Canada and not massed produced so that every piece is made with care and can be carefully inspected before it is sent out.

All these qualities make Thistle and Lace's products safer, superior, lovelier, and more desirable than other cake toppers out there.

❤ Processing and Delivery Times:
Please see the shop announcements for current processing time, and see the shipping policies below for delivery times. If needed sooner or if you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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For your own safety, these wooden products should not be placed near flames and are not edible. Our products are not toys and should not be placed in front of children without adult supervision. Thistle and Lace is not responsible for any harm resulting from the misuse of our products.

❤ Beautiful Photos by Lanaya Flavelle Photography

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