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READY TO SHIP - Pumpkin Soap Favors - Pumpkin Baby Shower Favors Little Pumpkin Soap Baby Shower Fall Bridal Shower Soap Pumpkin Party Favor

By: GloryParty

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ONLY the ORANGE pumpkin soaps are ready to ship!!! All pumpkins are scented in pumpkin pie scent.

Each pumpkin soap comes in individually wrapped with elegant tulle, and a custom tag is put on each soap.
The design on the tags can be absolutely changed in anyway you wish. Every text, font, color, image, and everything else can be changed.

Every simple color option is possible - contact me before you place an order if you want the soaps to be a different color!

Contact me before you place your order to ask any questions you have.

-> Instagram: @GloryParty

Our Story of GloryParty
We are a simple little business-to-be family who wants to reach more people who are interested in custom and unique products. As one mom and two fifteen-year-old twin daughters, we are trying to provide you the best and the highest quality of customized products with safe and protected shipping.

We are located in Cliffside Park/New Jersey, and made countless number of sales in a short amount of time.

During the last 8 years, we continuously provided customized products to local people, who were willing to pick up their orders.

With our Etsy shop, we believe that one day it is going to possible to reach every single town and city in United States through the power of love and respect.

Your business with us is highly appreciated, with every purchase, we also will be sending you our love and appreciation!

Thank you^^

12 Pumpkin Soap Favors - Pumpkin Soap Party Favors Little Pumpkin Baby Shower Favors Fall Wedding Favors Halloween Party Pink Pumpkin Shower
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