Practical Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Practical Baby Shower Gift Ideas:

Finding a baby shower gift is not so hard, but finding a practical gift for the mommy-to-be and her future baby requires imagination and inspiration. Try to think about what a mother needs and what makes baby comfortable, surely you’ll find something!?
The main idea is to attach a personal stamp to the gift. Here are some ideas to start crafting your original gift.

1) Towels – are very useful tools when raising a little baby. We know their energy is endless and things can get a bit messy so towels are always welcomed. You can go for a set of the same colors or pick different colors for variety. Give a touch of originality and wrap the towels in a unique way as flower bouquets, cupcakes, a towel cake, or even candy bars for major creativity. Just roll the towels and play with them. A you’ll be amazed what towels can do. A sprinkle of ribbons and wrapping paper will help styling your towel figurine!

How to make washcloth candy video by cooking and crafting via youtube

2) Survival kits – the ultimate gifts when speaking about baby showers. Lately it is fashionable to craft daddy survival gifts. Pick a jar and fill it with all sort of helpful tools like pacifiers, a diapers, bibs and so on. Anything you find to be useful, place it the jar and arrange it to look pretty and warm as visual aspect! You can even paint the jar and craft a name tag. Parents will be enchanted by your choice.

3) Baskets – are stylish carriers for babies. Find a nice and cozy basket and place some cute stuffed animal pillows and a warm blanket. Decorate the basket and place an “it’s a boy/girl tag”.  Keep it simple and try to mold on parent’s personalities.

4) Clothes – always welcomed! Although it may be too mainstream, picking clothes for a baby shower gift can always get out of the ordinary by sewing an outfit yourself. For girls you can craft cute tulle tutu skirts or delicate girly accessories. For baby boys you can always knit a hat or a shirt. Putting your own personality into the crafting process automatically involves you in future baby’s lifestyle, so try to give your best if going for clothes as a baby shower gift.

5) Diaper cakes – nothing is more charming and practical than a diaper cake. Diapers are indispensable instruments for every day comfort of any baby. The best part of giving diapers as presents is that you can build up objects around them. Cakes are the most popular but you can always test your limits and build up a train for a baby boy or a butterfly for a baby girl. There are many step-by-step instructions on youtube.

At the end of the day, any gift is lovely welcome for parents-to-be. Don’t necessarily go for toys, you can always buy them when the little one grows up. It’s important to sprinkle the entire project with pieces of you and your personality so parents can easily remember your contribution to baby’s first steps in the world.

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