How to Make a Simple Diaper Cake Tutorial

Baby Shower Diaper cake is an arrangement of rolled diapers stacked in such a way as to look like a multi-layered cake. You can make a simple diaper cake using colored ribbon to match the theme along with some artificial flowers or just a themed soft toy topper. If you want to go a bit futher, you can decorate the cake with pacifiers, lotions, bibs, rattles, toys, towels, socks, pants, baby nail clippers etc. Diaper cake makes a perfect baby shower centerpiece and a thoughtful gift for the mommy-to-be.




How to Make a Diaper Cake!

This easy to follow video by  Inga berk which I have tried myself and found to be one of the easiest instruction to make a spectacular diaper cake! I added a little paper banner across the top tier which made it look adorable!

What you need:

Top Layer: 13 diapers
Bottom layer: 27 diapers
1.5″ Ribbon
Rubber bands (large)
Paper tube
8″ and 12″ baking pan or pot

Baby Washcloth for roses (optional)
Baby jumpsuit for larger roses (optional)

Creative Diaper Cakes!


Diy baby shower diaper cake

how to make diaper cake tutorial

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