What Will it Bee Baby Shower

Hosted by Leigh of  Your Home Based Mom, this What will it Bee baby shower was a beautifully detailed gathering that was sure to be remembered! This classic theme offers an opportunity to celebrate baby-to-be no matter which gender they are using bright yellow, black and white colors.


A lovely backdrop set the tone for this party with an ornate black and white detailing that made a nice accent for the adorable decorations on top of it.  Large black, white and yellow paper fans added a bright touch to it and cute flag banners spelled out “What will it be” in a fantastic array of patterns and colors, giving an eclectic vibe to the look.

Set behind the food table, this backdrop drew the eye without creating bulk at the buffet.  The table had a simple white cloth that ensured all the colors of the fun foods and decorations placed on top were easy to see.  Diy personalized labels were created for each item, so guests would know what they were trying out, they even had adorable little holders to allow them to stand up stylishly. Keeping with the bee theme, delicious sweet honey bread sat at the front of the table in a luxurious loaf style.  Beside it, lemon bars filled a large plate along with salad and other tasty edibles.  A wonderful hive style dispenser held lemonade for the guests to enjoy, set on a tall tray at the back of the table. To hit the sweet spot, yummy lemon cupcakes with hive shaped frosting on top with labels for added effect.

To make the party even more fun, a board was setup to let guests vote on what gender they thought the little one was going to be.  They could choose a bow for girl or mustache for boy.

Credits – Leigh of yourhomebasedmom

cast-your-vote-gender-reveal-party what-will-it-bee-baby-shower what-will-it-bee-baby-shower-cupcakes sweet-as-can-bee-cupcakes-desserts what-will-it-bee-baby-shower-citrus-honey-dressing-salad what-will-it-bee-baby-shower-labels what-will-it-bee-baby-shower-lemon-bites what-will-it-bee-baby-shower what-will-it-bee-baby-shower-main-table what-will-it-bee-baby-shower-treats what-will-it-bee-baby-shower


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