Essential Decor Supplies For Any Baby Shower

Are you or someone you know, expecting a new baby? A baby is a true blessing and should be celebrated at every stage. However, it’s so important to recognize and celebrate the mother-to-be as well, with a baby shower. It’s the perfect balance to kick off welcoming a new life as well as helping a mom out with some much-needed supplies and support.

Essential Decor Supplies For Any Baby Shower

When planning a baby shower for yourself or a loved one, you can become overwhelmed by all of the different colors, materials, and themes. Whether the new baby is a boy, girl, or a secret, throwing a baby shower doesn’t need to be so hard.

These days throwing a shower can be very exciting because of all the many themes you can choose from. There are so many beautiful baby shower decoration ideas in stores and online. When it comes to decorating, as long as you have the essentials below, you will surely have the most charming baby shower to celebrate a new baby on the way.

Mason Jars Decoration

One of the most significant areas of decorations for any celebration is the centerpieces. Your imagination can run wild in this category.

For any theme and decoration style, mason jars are the perfect solution. As an added bonus, they are budget-friendly, too!

One way you can use the jars is by tying a ribbon around the rim and filling them with fresh flowers. If you’re aiming for a festive and authentic look, you can also paint them, stain them, or cover them with glitter. While fresh flowers look great inside the jars, you don’t have to stop there.

There is an assortment of other items you can use and display in the jars as well to be more fitting to your theme. One idea starts by filling the jars about halfway with sand. Then, using wooden dowels, you can create tulle pom poms to glue to the ends and stick in the sand—a different twist to a classic floral centerpiece. Get creative and decorate the mason jars to show your desired theme and don’t forget neutral linens for the tables, too!

Picture Frames

The next item to have on hand when planning a baby shower is picture frames. If you want to display some of the baby’s keepsakes like the ultrasound pictures, they are an effortless way to share the images with your loved ones.

Frames are essential because they can be used for other functions, such as holding signs or displaying game ideas. If you need a decorative sign for your gift table, shower games, or the food menu for the shower, picture frames are an easy way to incorporate your themes into the smaller aspects of the event.

Photo Frame for Dessert Bar by Jack & Grace Events

Also, if they don’t fit your desired look perfectly, they aren’t difficult to alter. You can paint and decorate them however you need — and even make a chalkboard out of them! To do this, all you need is chalk paint and a flat piece of cardboard. Remove the glass and use it to trace a cardboard piece. Cut the cardboard out, paint it, and replace it for the glass that was there originally. Then, reassemble the rest. Finding and purchasing picture frames is a non-complicated way to highlight elegance to the necessary areas of the shower.


The goal for decorating is always to transform a space so that guests can feel comfortable and sense the effortlessness of the space and decorations. A perfect element to help with this are balloons.

They are an inexpensive party item that can assist in giving a grand display of the desired subject, colors, and atmosphere. Nowadays, there are elaborate balloon arches, walls, and more! Stringing some helium-filled balloons is a thing of the past because these beautiful looking balloon sculptures are not hard to make at all.

how to easily make a balloon arch
Plastic Arch Strip by Micollections2010

There are a few different ways to make a balloon arch on your own. There are techniques that use a plastic chain arch strip. If you can’t get hold of those strips, you can actually make them yourself, see the video below, or you can use another technique that uses paper clips and a fishing line. You can use UGlu tapes which is a double sided tape to fill spaces with smaller balloons.

First, blow up the balloons without helium, so they don’t fly away. Then, using a paperclip, feed the ends of four balloons through it. Do this until you have enough to thread the paper clips through the fishing line of the desired length. Use removable wall hooks to display and manipulate the shape on the wall perfectly. You can use the ballons as a photo backdrop or a focal point in the space!

Making Balloon Arch with Platic Chain Strip

Don’t get stressed seeing all the baby shower decoration options in party stores or online. Start with the essentials and then add more as you see fit. With mason jars, picture frames, and balloons, the baby shower will look perfectly decorated no matter the theme.

When starting with these items, you can prioritize some other important tasks like the guest list, invitations, and food. Many elements go into these celebrations and decorations shouldn’t be an area to get caught up on! Start with the necessities, but most of all, celebrate the baby and the mother-to-be!

Essential Decor Supplies For Any Baby Showe partyr
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