Whimsical Hello World Baby Shower



This Whimsical Hello World Baby Shower featured all sorts of wonderful elements that were natural while being elegant. With the expertise of Jack & Grace Events, an inspiring and tranquil gathering fell right into place.

A fantastic outdoor venue allowed for the beauty of the day to provide vibrant natural lighting for all of the lovely decorations. Using a neutral layout, this whimsical theme could be used for either gender too! Brimming with lemons and greenery, the party had a Tucson vibe.  A favorite detail was using greenery garlands to give a natural look across the back of the dessert station.

The stationary for the party was sublime, each with a custom, handdrawn design with lovely painted graphics. They were sweetly created by Stephanie Tara Stationery. Delicate greens, lemons and some gold introduced this pretty theme in perfect manner.

The dessert bar was full of decadent delights, a tower of donuts on large white trays were frosted in varying flavors to effectively curb all sweet teeth! In visual perfection a partially naked 3 tiered drip cake made a stunning centerpiece for this table.  It was topped with gold lettering saying, “Hello World.”

As a new twist on this classic baby shower style a lovely crown station was set up for the guests to use their imagination to put together a sweet craft to take home with them.  This station allowed for themed photos too, adding to the memories in beautiful fashion.

A MOMosa bar offered a sweet array of drinks for the guests to enjoy, each one a colorful addition to the table. With fun garnishes to try out, each guest could make a unique looking drink with ease.

Rather that the standard cards as gifts, a request was made to fill baby-to-be’s nursery and library with handwritten notes and well-wishes for the family.

whimsical-hello-world-baby-shower-board-art whimsical-hello-world-baby-shower-cake whimsical-hello-world-baby-shower-candles whimsical-hello-world-baby-shower-centerpieces whimsical-hello-world-baby-shower-dessert-bar whimsical-hello-world-baby-shower-dessert-display whimsical-hello-world-baby-shower-donut-tower whimsical-hello-world-baby-shower-drink-table whimsical-hello-world-baby-shower-framed-art whimsical-hello-world-baby-shower-fruit-tray whimsical-hello-world-baby-shower-golden-topper whimsical-hello-world-baby-shower-guest-table whimsical-hello-world-baby-shower-invitations whimsical-hello-world-baby-shower-layered-cake whimsical-hello-world-baby-shower-lemon-crates whimsical-hello-world-baby-shower-lemon-name-tag-display whimsical-hello-world-baby-shower-lemons whimsical-hello-world-baby-shower-menus whimsical-hello-world-baby-shower-mimosa-bar whimsical-hello-world-baby-shower-name-tags whimsical-hello-world-baby-shower-plants


Planning – Jack & Grace Events
Venue – Xaviars X2O on the Hudson
Photography – Alhy Berry Photography
Floral Design and Greenery Wall – Dramatic Innovation
Invitations – Paper Trails
Event Signage, Lettering and Welcome Sign – Stephanie Tara Stationery
Cake – Lovely Cakes
DoughnutS – Doughnuttery
Cake ToppeR – DownInTheBoondocks (Etsy)
Etched Wooden Hello World Sign – PeachtreeWoodworks (Etsy)
Favor Bags – ThePathLessTraveled (EtsyMORE INSPIRATIONS:

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