Best Unicorn Themed Recipes – Collection


Best Unicorn Themed Recipes

Unicorn parties are overflowing with sparkle and confetti. Also, the party desserts are the same—brimming with sparkles, yumminess and color.

To assist you with making your enchanted food spread, we’ve gathered together top unicorn-themed treats to elevate you. Keep reading and get ready to get hungry simply taking a look at them!

Unicorn Marshmallow Popcorn

There’s nothing that portrays this better than ‘colorful fluff’. Brilliant and sweet marshmallows twirled and sprinkled through light and fun popcorn—it’s an ideal time to glide away to sugar paradise.

Unicorn Marshmallow Popcorn
For Recipe – Unicorn Marshmallow Popcorn by Jelly Toast Blog

Unicorn Hot Chocolate

In case you’re longing for something sweet, this unicorn hot chocolate required surprisingly few ingredients and simply needs a squeeze of food coloring to transform it into a pastel dream. The turret of whipped cream makes the finishing worthy of flourishing.

For Recipe – Unicorn Hot Chocolate by Imperial Sugar

Unicorn Fudge

This delightful looking fudge is so simple and it’s pretty fantastic! Super-quick, lovely and fun, what more would you be able to need from party food recipe?

Unicorn Fudge
For Recipe – Unicorn Fudge by Sprinkles For Breakfast

Unicorn Ice Cream

Grab a great deal of edible sparkle, a ton of sprinkles, and a little coloring—it’s an ideal time to transform your plain ice-cream into unicorn magic! This recipe is unquestionably a crowd-pleaser on a sweltering summer day.

rainbow Unicorn Ice Cream
For Recipe – Unicorn Ice Cream by Bread Booze Bacon

Healthy Unicorn Smoothie

This technicolor smoothie is made with an entire serving of fruit showing that unicorns can carry on with a healthy lifestyle as well.

Healthy Unicorn Smoothie
For Recipe – Healthy Unicorn Smoothie by The Chic Life

Unicorn Toffee

Unicorn toffee can be an awesome treat to serve up at weekend slumber parties, birthday parties, or perhaps baby showers! The kids and adults will have some good times decorating these ones as well!

For Recipe – Unicorn Toffee by Torn a Dough Alli

Rainbow Unicorn Meringues

These rainbow unicorn meringues are not just adorable, they can balance your gathering with pleasantness and shading. They are perfect and are party favors or a little fun with your kids in the kitchen.

Rainbow Unicorn Meringues
For Recipe – Rainbow Unicorn Meringues by One By One Cakes

Unicorn Macarons

If the unicorn colors above aren’t to your taste, but you want to create something great, why not try these adorable unicorn macarons. They are delicate and – just look at how exquisite they are! 

For Recipe – Unicorn Macarons by Georgias Cakes

Unicorn Ice Cream Cupcakes

Calories don’t really count when the baked goods are this charming, isn’t that so? These adorable cupcakes are filled with enticing ice cream, which is finished with cloud-like whipped cream and much of a smattering of sprinkles.

Unicorn Ice Cream Cupcakes
For Recipe – Unicorn Icecream Cupcakes by Sprinkles Some Fun

Unicorn Soft Chewy Sugar Cookie Bars

These sprinkle-tastic soft chewy sugar cookie bars just scream celebration. We love them for all sorts of festive occasions, from birthday parties to baby showers.

Unicorn Soft Chewy Sugar Cookie Bar Slices
For Recipe – Unicorn Soft Chewy Sugar Cookie Bars by Crafty Cooking Mama

Unicorn Inspired Yogurt Bites

For something a little bit healthier I love this unicorn inspired yogurt bites! So creative and yummy.

Unicorn Inspired Yogurt Bites
For Recipe – Unicorn Inspired Yogurt Bites by Fun with Mama
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