DIY Making Delicious Cake Soaps

Making Delicious Cake Soaps DIY Soap

DIY Delicious Cake Soaps

I am totally mesmerized by these DIY cake soaps! These visually delicious cake soaps deserves to be displayed on a tiered cupcake stand to make the most unique table centerpiece. At the end of the baby shower, you can distribute these scrumptious soaps as party favors.

I’ve never challenged myself making soap or anything even close to this before, so I’d definitely find a friend who has soap making experience to work with! Anastasia from Handmade Blog shows us step by step guide to making this magical cake soap! The blog is written in Russian so for those that require translated version please visit this link: English Translated

Making Delicious Cake Soaps



DIY Cake Soap Favors




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