Sweet Pink & Blush Baby Shower


Aura Decorations created an elegant wonderland with this Sweet Pink And Blush Baby Shower.  From top to bottom, with a sublime mix of pink, gold and white, the venue for this party was phenomenal.

To welcome the visitors, a gorgeous ornate frame was set on a golden stand with beautiful art letting everyone know that the baby shower was here. To add a touch of elegance to the frame it was adorned with a lovely arrangement of tiny pink flowers.

Guest tables were a vision with fantastic, textured, light pink covers that gave a dainty look.  Each table had a sweet little mannequin in a tutu for the centerpiece along with a framed number, making it easy for everyone to find their seat. The chairs went with the sweet theme beautifully with a clear frame.

A special area was set up for the mom-to-be to sit comfortably that had a massive white chair for her to relax on.  The area was framed with white and pink fabric, creating a luxurious effect.

The dessert table was a lovely detailed table framed in gold.  Tall bouquets of pink flowers were set to each side of a wondrous layered cake that was topped with golden ballet shoes. Chocolate bars were wrapped with cute pink ribbons.  Two little mini cakes were topped with adorable pink flowers and they were set on lovely little cake trays.  Cupcakes were made with golden foil and topped with pink ribbons and ballet slippers. They were placed on gorgeous cupcake trays that looked like little candelabras.  Cakepops had gold sticks and adorable pink and gold bows as well as little ballet slipper decorations that stood out. With so many lovely treats everyone was sure to find something to enjoy.

Sweet-Pink-And-Blush-Baby-Shower-Cake Sweet-Pink-And-Blush-Baby-Shower-Cakepops Sweet-Pink-And-Blush-Baby-Shower-Cakepops-Gold Sweet-Pink-And-Blush-Baby-Shower-Candy-Bars Sweet-Pink-And-Blush-Baby-Shower-Chocolate-Bars Sweet-Pink-And-Blush-Baby-Shower-Cookies Sweet-Pink-And-Blush-Baby-Shower-Cupcakes Sweet-Pink-And-Blush-Baby-Shower-Desserts Sweet-Pink-And-Blush-Baby-Shower-Dessert-Table Sweet-Pink-And-Blush-Baby-Shower-Dress-Decor Sweet-Pink-And-Blush-Baby-Shower-Flowers Sweet-Pink-And-Blush-Baby-Shower-Guest-Tables Sweet-Pink-And-Blush-Baby-Shower-Mannequin Sweet-Pink-And-Blush-Baby-Shower-Mirror-Art Sweet-Pink-And-Blush-Baby-Shower-Napkins Sweet-Pink-And-Blush-Baby-Shower-Rice-Krispy Sweet-Pink-And-Blush-Baby-Shower-Small-Cakes Sweet-Pink-And-Blush-Baby-Shower-Sweet-Treats Sweet-Pink-And-Blush-Baby-Shower-Table-Decorations Sweet-Pink-And-Blush-Baby-Shower-Treats Sweet-Pink-And-Blush-Baby-Shower-Tutu Sweet-Pink-And-Blush-Baby-Shower-VIP-Seat Sweet-Pink-And-Blush-Baby-Shower-VIP-Seating

Credits –

Photography – Marvin Peralta

Cake, Cup Cakes and Mini’s Cakes – Karina

Alcantara Sweets – Lenni uceta de Abreu

Flowers – David

Decorations – Aura Decorations

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