Pink and Green Baby Shower

Pink and Green Baby Shower by Amberlee of Giver’s Log. Thanks for letting me share these beautiful photos on my blog!

Pink and Green Baby Shower

Baby showers are always a fun, creative way of getting the message to friends and family of a brand new baby on the way. Be it a huge, twenty-thirty person celebration or a smaller, quieter guest list, these colorful celebrations are always adding color to the very beginning of a new baby’s life, and bringing groups of people together to wish a new baby the best. This pink and green party set by Giver’s Log does just exactly that, filling the room with style, clever ideas, and bright, pastel shades that look great over everything they touch. From table toppers to napkin holders to goodie bags, this baby shower party set includes everything, and looks like it made for a wonderful time.

The brightly colored cake is absolutely adorable, with the stripes, flowers, and polka dots. However, what’s even more catching, is the mass amount of cupcake in this picture’s background. Looking like they were made with care beside the cake platter that’s equally decorated, each one seems to promise good wished for the baby, and wonderful years to come.

This baby clothes banner along with the lime green ceiling adornments and the ribbon wall-clips are a unique idea for a banner to hang from the wall. This was a cute idea for a party, and one that’s never really been seen before. It also sold the message, quite easily, of a baby on the way.

These dining adornments didn’t add to the idea of the baby, but the bright green of both the stem and the leaves, and the pink of the petals, surely kept with the theme as these brightly colored glasses livened up the table. The flowers of course are a usual touch, but the artichoke over the glass was something both interesting and new.

These napkin holders, made of softly colored pipe cleaners, mimic the beloved theme of flowers and unobtrusive color scheme this party holds. A simple way to keep the napkins and in check and keep things matching, these were a great plan!

Every party needs refreshments, and this soft pink tub of drinks added to the adorable style of the room. The bright draws and bottles looked wonderful together, and the tin full of ice was sure to keep every drink cold and refreshing the whole way through.

People always see goodie bags, but these are an interesting switch, offering guests not only a package of thank you’s, but a package of thank you’s they can actually utilize, when the thank you’s are gone. These colanders are brightly colored, handled, and a great addition to any kitchen, as well as a great thanks to guests for coming.

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