Rainforest Baby Shower

Celebrating in the Rainforest Baby Shower by Joanne of Cakes by Joanne Charmand. Thanks again for letting me share your amazing photos!

When it comes to baby showers, there are no shortage of themes. In one of the most creative twists in baby showers, Cakes by Joanne Charmand put forth a new concept: Rainforest Baby Shower. She executes it in a fun, creative way filled with charming decorations and treats. The table is set up with extraordinary attention to placement. Even the backdrop to the Rain Forest set up looks like it belongs, bringing a rustic outdoors feel to the entire party.

Rain forest Baby Shower

One of my favorite additions to the Rain Forest set up is the color scheme. Pure whites are mixed in with an assortment of vivid purple hues and different shades of green. One can tell they have been carefully selected in order to enhance the atmosphere. Adorable props are mixed in with the display, added to give a look of wildlife to the party. Everything ranging from rough tree trunks embellished with tiny butterflies, pine cones, logs covered in moss, and a woven basket to hold up a beautiful arrangement of flowers. There are little nests cradling more flowers, a pure white well with a spring green bird sitting atop it, two squirrels and a rabbit made out of grass, and a garland hanging in front of the table complete with birds and hearts. There are four stands paced on the table, tiered to please the eye. My absolute favorite decorations has to be the tree trunk in the middle, used to hold the birdcage cake. It is just lovely.

The decorations aren’t the only thing that make this Rain Forest setup so wonderfully done. A variety of treats are laid out, each one designed to please anyone with a sweet tooth. Glass jars are arrayed among the table, each filled with a different treat. Bonbons, macaroons, marshmallows, sweet candy and jelly beans are labeled in each container. As with everything else, they are designed with wonderful detail and care. Chocolates are wrapped up and tied with a string, placed in a delightful little basket. Hand decorated cookies are laid out on a platter made to resemble tree bark, cupcakes and cake pops are placed on the tiered stands. The tastiest looking treat is the cake though. Made to resemble a bird cage, it has lovely flowers, twigs, and even a bird decorating it. The entire Rain Forest set up is masterfully done. Her care, patience and love for her work can be seen throughout the entire display.

Rain forest Baby Shower Rainforest Baby Shower Rainforest Baby Shower

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