Quack Quack Quack!!


Quack Quack Quack!! by Ms. Laine Events:

This adorable duck themed party was planned by Ms. Laine Events. The party was filled with yellow ducks and had tons of spring themed decor.

The dessert table was spectacular! A large cake was covered in fluffy white clouds and featured a yellow duck on the top. Cookies were made to look just like rubber ducks, bottles, and rompers. Cupcakes were topped with fluffy yellow frosting and included duck themed toppers. Some of the desserts were even made to look like miniature pies and featured little white clouds as toppers. 

Equally spectacular was the background to the dessert table. A large cutout made the party appear to take place on a beautiful sun shiny day. Bright blue sky covered with a fence and vines served as the perfect background to remind guests of beautiful spring or summer days. A banner surrounded by blue and yellow balloons covered part of the background. The table itself was covered with yellow and white tablecloths. What made the table exceptionally unique was the twinkling lights that showed underneath the tablecloth. Plants and greenery were displayed throughout the dessert area as well. 

Guests were treated to special goodies that were placed in adorable treat bags. Each white bag included a special image on the front with an adorable yellow duck. 

Words from the planner: Quack Quack Quack!! Thanks to Kiki for giving us the freedom to design and decorate this rubber duck theme! If you’d like us to style your next party

adorable-cloud-cupcake-toppers ducky-baby-shower-in-bubble-decor ducky-take-home-bags ducky-themed-decor quack-quack-quack-baby-shower quack-quack-quack-cake-and-backdrop quack-quack-quack-duck-baby-shower-main-table quack-quack-quack-ducky-baby-shower quack-quack-quack-ducky-cookies quack-quack-quack-ducky-party quack-quack-quack-party-cake-topper quack-quack-quack-party-cake quack-quack-quack-party-decors quack-quack-quack-tablescape yellow-duck-cupcake-toppers-paper yellow-duck-cupcake-toppers

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