Butterfly and Unicorn Baby Shower


Butterfly and Unicorn Baby Shower by My Little Angel Decorations:

This beautiful butterfly and unicorn party was planned by My Little Angel Decorations. The party had a simple classic white color scheme with pops of color.

The dessert table was simple, but beautiful. A three-tier cake was placed on top of a white cart that was embellished with gold accents. The cake was placed on a gold pedestal and included pastel pinks, purples, and blues. Cookies were decorated to look just like rainbows and unicorns. The unicorn cookies even featured elegant roses placed throughout the arrangement on the plate. 

The background of the dessert table was magical. White balloons were strung together to frame the entire table. Beautiful gold butterflies and pink roses were placed elegantly throughout the balloons. Flower arrangements were filled with bright pinks and purples. Part of the background included handmade flowers that were made to look just like a crown for a unicorn. The unicorns eyes were painted gold and it even included a sparkling gold horn. 

A large white chair with a fluffy white pillow served as the perfect spot to rest or take photos. The background behind the chair was filled with colored polka dots. 



butterfly-and-unicorn-baby-shower-backdrop butterfly-and-unicorn-baby-shower-background-and-setup butterfly-and-unicorn-baby-shower-cake butterfly-and-unicorn-baby-shower-dessert-table butterfly-and-unicorn-baby-shower-tablescape butterfly-and-unicorn-baby-shower gold-butterfly-on-white-balloon-arch gold-unicorn-donuts its-a-girl-cake paper-flower-background unicorn-baby-shower-cookies-rainbow

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