Born to Shop Girl Baby Shower

Born to Shop Girl Baby Shower by Nancy of A to Zebra Celebrations: What a unique baby shower theme idea for a baby girl! This theme is wonderfully colored, creative, and a great way to have brought a little girl into the world, surrounded by those who love and care. Thanks Nancy for letting me share these photos!

Born to Shop Girl Baby Shower theme

This sign starts it off with the cute, the Paris themed pink decorative background around the sign reading “Welcome, baby girl, you were Born 2 $hop!” giving a loving, welcoming feel to all saw. The tin beside it, as well, reading ‘Love’ and looking incredibly stylish beside it was a great addition, and made the setting pop.

From the banner, to the wall flowers, to the table of decorations, the full party’s set up here, and it’s wonderful force. It’s clear to see every color, the amounts of contract, the hard work put into every placement of decoration, and the love of parent to child, in creating a celebration to bring them to the world. The table setting, complete with alternating black/white/grey/pink purse designs looked great, and the rest of the party did, too.

These “Born 2 Shop” invitations keep with the same theme as the sign, and being easy to read, quick to the point, and stylish, made a great way of getting the message around. The short phrase, “Fashion, Paris, shopping, and pink — le magnifique & trés trés chic!” was a wonderful, rhyming little way to get the theme of the party across and bring attention to everyone’s desire to go and celebrate that new little shopper right away.

The treats are just as colorful, adorable, and reminiscent of the shopping theme, including “Pears from Paris”, “Amour de Bebe”, the “Diva Cake”, and both the strawberry yoghurt and the tower of marshmallows. The decorative signs adorning every snack area are not only creative and adorable, but each one’s unique, showing the true care of whomever organized this lovely celebration.

This alternating color banner looks great in the photo, and looked even better at the party, bearing pink, white, black and grey strollers, and strung up beneath huge, beautiful paper flower wall decor. This entire wall setting centralized the look for the party, and did a great job at it, bringing the whole look home.

“When in doubt, shop!” Is certainly a phrase of a shopper, and this little saying looks great on the sign, giving a chuckle to all in the room.

Most striking are the goodie bags, each designed like an adorable striped or soft pink purse. This creative idea sold the party, and was sure to have every guest raving as presents were set on the nearby fashion wall, titled by a banner the “Amour de Bebe”. With the hard work put into the decoration, the presents, and the love of the guests who came, it’s no doubt this little girl felt nothing but welcoming as she grew to experience the world.

baby girl main tablescape - pink parisian

blingalicious backdrop display

Born 2 Shop

born to shop baby shower purse display decors

born to shop cake

Born to shop tablescape

Born to shop themed party tablescape

chandeliers table decoration


gift for baby girl - pink for daddy


paper flowers for parisian french fasion

parisian diamond decor

parisian themed paper flowers and banner

strawberry yogurts and pearls from paris

tablescape pink and black

welcome baby girl you are born to shop sign

when in doubt shop sign

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