French inspired Baby Shower

Kelly of Leeves Photography had the opportunity to create a French & Floral themed baby shower for Mom-to-be, whose favorite childhood book was Madeline. This idea turned out to be an elegant and sheek event that was sure to be remembered for a long time.

The decorations started right off with ‘bebe’ spelled out in a floral way between two lovely plants in a window that really created an elegance with brilliant light.


A beautiful banner was hung across the room celebrating baby-to-be with an array of pastel colors and fun patterns.

The food look absolutely delicious, and with French inspiration the dishes and platters used were all of a vintage and antique styles making the effect just fabulous.

There was a fantastic looking fig spread that was sure to please, set on a cutting board with a sprig and a spreading knife this snack topping really enhanced the party theme nicely.

All kinds of fresh fruits added a vibrant and colorful touch and provided a nice healthy choice for guests to enjoy.

Even a delicious looking quiche was made, set on a beautiful silver platter it definitely looked ready to eat right up.

There was a peach and strawberry juice that was topped with an abundance of fresh fruit that was sure to have a strong and wonderful flavor.

Even the silverware was dolled up with little tags for the guests to enjoy using.

One of my favorite decorations was baby’s initials that was crafted out of wood and neatly covered in gorgeous pink roses and other florals, creating a very unique piece that set the tone for the entire party.

The little cake was adorable, covered in florals with a sign saying “Our Nest is Growing” this dessert really fit right in, set on a lovely clear tray it really attracted attention.

Credits – Photography and Event Design: Leeves Photography
“Sweet Savannah” Banner: Minted
Flowers: Southern Floral
Printable S & V sign: On To Baby

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