Sweet Baby Bear Shower


With the visionary skills of My Little Angel Decorations, this Sweet Baby Bear Shower was a stunning success. The venue chosen was large and bright, ensuring that it would be comfortable for all of the visitors. A gorgeous blend of light tones made the perfect theme colors in gold pink and white with a scattering of deep red. The windows had sheer covers that filtered the light to make it soft and warm.

The baby shower cake at this event was a one of a kind and displayed as such being suspended from the ceiling rather than placed on a table.  The bottom section was wrapped in a lovely floral bouquet with ribbons that trailed down in lovely fashion.  5 tiers of decadence frosted to perfection made this treat stand out remarkably.  It was hung right beside an elegant gold and white couch. 


For the other desserts as fun spread of smaller tables placed near each other allowed easy access while providing a modern look in the room. A sweet teddy bear back drop introduced the baby shower theme beautifully.  Large letters spelling out baby made perfect stands for the tables. 

Guest tables were spaced perfectly and featured soft pink covers. Centerpieces of small bouquets on large blocks gave the tables a lovely look while each one had a cute teddy bear beside a table number. 

Treats were delightfully made to match the theme with sugar cookies in baby shower shapes frosted in white. Each dessert was placed on adorable white trays, creating a sheek look. There were also goody bags for the guests that featured massive pink ribbons and cute teddy bear graphics on the exteriors. Large chocolate covered apples sat at the front of the tables looking tasty with pink frosting and showcasing pretty ribbons with ornate framed lettering.

sweet-baby-bear-shower-cake sweet-baby-bear-shower-cake-table sweet-baby-bear-shower-cookies sweet-baby-bear-shower-decorations sweet-baby-bear-shower-flower-bouquet sweet-baby-bear-shower-gift-bags sweet-baby-bear-shower-gifts sweet-baby-bear-shower-guest-table sweet-baby-bear-shower-tables sweet-baby-bear-shower-teddy-centerpiece sweet-baby-bear-shower-tiered-cake sweet-baby-bear-shower-treats


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