Easy DIY Craft Baby Shower Decorations

Easy DIY Craft

DIY Craft & Photos Credit to Ruffles and Stuff
These Simple and easy DIY craft & photos are by Disney of Ruffles and Stuff. Thanks for letting me share your amazing DIY! Disney shows us how easily we can make our plain paper cups turn into a part of a themed decoration. She also shows us a simple way to create paper flags for our lovely cupcakes and finally shows us how to make a stunning banner out of doilies .

DIY Banner

For the banner, Disney uses silhouette to cut the letters. They were glued on to doilies and were stapled to white lace trimming. Visit Ruffles and Stuff for many more great decoration ideas for any occasion!
Very Easy DIY Craft Baby Shower Decorations using doilies banner
doilies banner blue


DIY Making Paper Cup Wrappers

For the beverage cups, if you have a baby shower theme set, you could find interesting images and beautifully patterned paper to suit your theme from magazines, newspapers, brochures, and gift wrappings. Cut them up and wrap it around your plain paper cups!
DIY Decoration of Paper Cups
Very Easy DIY Craft Baby Shower Decorations cups


DIY Making Cupcake Toppers

Cupcake picks are a cute addition to your cupcakes! Although there’s many ways of making a topper, I think Disney has come up with the easiest method using only toothpicks and plain paper, which you can easily find at home! You can use recycled paper, newspaper pages or even origami papers!
DIY cupcake picks
how to make cupcake picks quickly

DIY Making Mini Bunting

I love how Disney used a gift wrapping ribbon to make a mini bunting! You can put this on top of your cake or around your dessert table! How creative!

DIY mini banner

DIY mini banner nautical theme

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