30 Creative Themes for a Triplet Baby Shower

Planning a triplet baby shower offers endless opportunities for creativity and fun. Here are 30 unique and delightful themes, each with a brief description to inspire you:

Three Peas in a Pod

This adorable theme symbolizes the unity and bond of the triplets. Decorate with shades of green and pea pod motifs, featuring centerpieces with faux pea pods or green balloons arranged to resemble peas. Incorporate cute signs and banners with phrases like “Three Peas in a Pod” to create a cohesive and charming atmosphere.

three peas in a pod triplet cake

Full House Playing Cards

2 parents and 3 babies does make a full house. You can have playing cards everywhere with this casino inspired baby shower theme. You can glue a full house hand together so that it stays perfectly fanned out and give them out as favors, use them as decoration or even as coasters. The banner can say “Soon You will have a full house” and you can have red and black balloons. This theme is really fun. You can do wherever you want with it. One cute idea is to glue poker chips all around the outside of the chip bowl. That will carry the theme to the food table as well. You could also make black and red foods if you wanted to.


ABC, 123

A playful educational theme featuring alphabet blocks, numbers, and bright primary colors. Use large foam letters and numbers as decorations, and educational toys as centerpieces. This theme emphasizes learning and fun, perfect for celebrating the arrival of three little ones.


Storybook Trio

Inspired by classic children’s stories featuring trios, such as “The Three Little Pigs” or “Goldilocks and the Three Bears.” Decorate with elements from these stories, like miniature houses for the pigs or bear paw prints leading to bowls of porridge, creating a whimsical and nostalgic setting.

Once Upon a Time Storybook Theme

Safari Adventure

A jungle-themed baby shower with animal decorations, jungle foliage, and an adventurous atmosphere. Use plush animals, tropical plants, and animal print tablecloths to bring the wild to your event, celebrating the exciting journey of raising triplets.


Triplets on the Farm

A charming rural setting featuring cute farm animals like cows, pigs, and chickens. Decorate with red and white gingham patterns, hay bales, and barnyard decorations. Farm-themed games and activities, such as a petting zoo or hayride, can add to the fun and festive atmosphere.

Space Triplets

A celestial theme with stars, planets, and rocket ships, perfect for little explorers. Use metallic colors like silver, gold, and deep blues to create a starry atmosphere. Decorate with hanging stars and astronaut cutouts, and consider a planet-themed cake to tie it all together.

Carnival Extravaganza

A fun-filled carnival theme with bright colors, popcorn machines, and carnival games. Use red and white striped decorations, and set up booths for games like ring toss or balloon darts. Serve carnival-inspired snacks like cotton candy and hot dogs for a festive and lively event.


Royal Triplets

A regal theme with gold, silver, and pastel colors, crowns, and royal banners for your little princes or princesses. Decorate with elegant drapes, chandeliers, and a castle cake. Add a “royal decree” announcing the triplets’ names for a majestic touch.

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Under the Sea

An ocean-themed baby shower with sea creatures, coral reefs, and underwater landscapes in shades of blue and green. Decorate with fish, mermaids, and seashells, and consider activities like a “fishing” game where guests can catch toy fish with small nets.


Woodland Creatures

A forest-themed shower with cute animals like foxes, owls, and deer. Use natural elements like wood slices, moss, and greenery in your decorations. Incorporate soft browns, greens, and oranges to create a cozy, earthy atmosphere.


Vintage Circus

A nostalgic circus theme with vintage posters, circus tents, and classic circus games. Use muted reds, yellows, and blues, and decorate with old-fashioned popcorn machines and ticket booths. Classic circus acts can inspire fun and engaging activities.

Rainbow Bright

A vibrant theme using all colors of the rainbow to symbolize joy and diversity. Decorate with rainbow banners, balloons, and tableware. Create a colorful candy bar with sweets in every hue for a cheerful and lively celebration.


Nautical Adventure

A seaside theme with anchors, sailboats, and navy blue and white stripes. Use seashells, rope, and lighthouse decorations to bring the beach to your event. Serve seafood appetizers and nautical-themed desserts to complete the maritime atmosphere.

Fairytale Fantasy

Inspired by classic fairy tales, with castles, dragons, and enchanted forests. Use glittery decorations, fairy lights, and storybook elements to create a magical setting. A fairytale-themed cake and whimsical activities can enchant guests of all ages.

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triplet magical fairytale baby shower
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Beach Bash

A beach party theme with sand, seashells, and tropical decorations. Use tiki torches, beach balls, and surfboards to set the scene. Serve tropical drinks and snacks, and consider activities like a sandcastle-building contest for added fun.

Wild West

A cowboy and cowgirl theme with bandanas, cowboy hats, and rustic decor. Use hay bales, wooden barrels, and western-themed props. Serve BBQ and host activities like line dancing or a mechanical bull ride for a rootin’ tootin’ good time.

Triplets in Toyland

A whimsical toy-themed shower with vintage and modern toys as decorations. Use colorful toy blocks, teddy bears, and dolls to create a playful atmosphere. Consider setting up a toy corner for guests’ children to enjoy during the event.


Garden Party

A floral and butterfly theme with garden elements and pastel colors. Decorate with fresh flowers, garden tools, and butterfly accents. Host the shower outdoors in a garden or create a garden-like setting indoors with potted plants and floral arrangements.

Superhero Squad

A superhero theme featuring capes, masks, and comic book decorations. Use bright colors, superhero logos, and action-packed decor. Create a superhero training camp with obstacle courses and other fun activities for guests to participate in.


Little Explorers

A travel-themed shower with maps, globes, and vintage suitcases. Use postcards, travel posters, and explorer gear as decorations. Host a “passport” game where guests collect stamps from different activity stations around the venue.


Sports Mania

A sports-themed shower with decor from various sports, perfect for future athletes. Use footballs, basketballs, and soccer balls as decorations. Set up mini sports games like a basketball hoop or a soccer goal for guests to enjoy.

Ice Cream

A sweet theme with ice cream cones, sundaes, and pastel colors. Set up an ice cream bar with various flavors and toppings for guests to create their own sundaes. Decorate with ice cream-themed banners and tableware.

ice cream themed baby shower

Outer Space

A space adventure theme with rockets, planets, and astronauts. Use dark blue and black as the base colors, with silver and gold accents. Decorate with glow-in-the-dark stars and planetary models, and consider space-themed games for added fun.

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A candy-themed shower with bright colors and sweet treats. Decorate with oversized candy props, lollipops, and candy canes. Set up a candy buffet with a variety of sweets and treats for guests to enjoy.

Dinosaur Roar

A dinosaur theme with fossils, dinosaur cutouts, and prehistoric plants. Use earthy tones like greens and browns, and decorate with dinosaur footprints and bones. Dinosaur-themed games and activities can add to the prehistoric fun.

Vintage Airplane

An aviation theme with vintage planes, clouds, and travel posters. Use blue and white as the main colors, with red accents. Decorate with model airplanes, maps, and aviator gear. Serve snacks in mini suitcases for a travel-inspired touch.


Enchanted Forest

A mystical forest theme with fairytale elements, woodland creatures, and lush greenery. Use earthy tones, fairy lights, and natural elements like moss and wood slices. Create a magical ambiance with enchanted tree centerpieces and fairy tale book props.

Music and Melodies

A musical theme with notes, instruments, and favorite lullabies as decorations. Use a color scheme that matches musical instruments, like black, white, and gold. Decorate with sheet music, musical note banners, and instrument props. Play gentle lullabies in the background to enhance the theme.

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