DIY Making Paper Treat Cones

Making a Paper Cone

DIY How to Make Paper Treat Cones
This is the easiest way to make a paper cone. Paper cones are great for putting in treats like Jordon almonds for favors and for serving Popcorns! You can use recycled, origami, scrapbook, newspaper, kraft, cardstock papers, pretty much anything you can think of, just as long as they are clean as you’ll be putting edible contents in there. You can embellish them and turn them into beautiful favors, perfect for budget baby shower!
DIY Making Paper Treat Cones for popcorn
What you need:
1) Paper (eg. kraft paper, scrapbook paper, card stock)
2) Glue or tape
3) cone template or a square paper ( I used square origami paper )
You could use any sort of paper but if you need a fairly sturdy treat cones, you may want to use scrapbook paper or card stock. . You can decorate the cone using laces, ribbons and stickers. You can also dress up the cone to your baby shower theme. Add a bit of tulle for tutu dress, a little mustache for a little man theme, a bow or a tie for gender reveal and so on.

Paper Cone Inspirations


adding embellishment for favor treats

christmas themed paper cone making

DIY Making Paper Treat Cones pink girl popcorn

paper cone making

using patterned paper for paper cones

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