DIY Paper Chain Decoration

How to make Paper Chain Decoration

DIY paper chain decoration is one of the easiest and perhaps affordable or even cheapest baby shower decoration you could have for any type of parties, paper chain decoration. You can use beautiful origami papers, solid color cardstock papers, newspapers or unused magazine pages. You really just need to prepare square sized papers. If you are using newspapers or magazines, just cut them up approximately. You don’t want the paper chain to look too droopy so I usually like to start off from square size. Cut them down as evenly as possible so the chain will look even once assembled together. 

With the individual cut up pieces, make your first circle by sticking the both end  using the glue or sticky tape. Wrap the second piece around the previously made circle and glue the end of the second piece together so they are chained. Continue on until you are happy with the length of the chain.

Paper chains are great for baby showers as well as birthday parties. You can hang them across the ceiling of the room, one corner to the other. As they are quite light, you’d only really be needing blu tack to keep them in place. You can also use sticky tape but they seem to not stay on for too long so if you are putting them up just before the event it may be fine, but i’d stick to plenty of blu tack if you are preparing the decorations in advance.

Simple Paper Chain Decoration Ideas