How to Celebrate the Holidays: Tips and Tricks

The great thing about the holidays is that you get to have all kinds of fun, people won’t judge you no matter what age or what kind of odd and fun things you come up with! Whether you are celebrating with your family, or even if you are celebrating alone there are plenty of things to do in order to get yourself into the Holiday spirit.

Christmas Holiday Party at Work

Holiday Party at Work

Work is an all year round stress factory. Even if you love your job, deadlines and problems and other extenuating circumstances can sometimes get you down. Having a holiday party at work is a great way to make everyone feel appreciated, give them time at the office that is just about fun, and help everyone to really relax and get to know each other off the clock. If the company can’t afford to throw a big party than maybe have a pot luck kind of party. Everyone brings a few things and before you know it, you have an instant holiday party.

Holiday Fun at Home

Especially if you have a family decorating the tree can be the best part of the holidays. You all sit down together and decorate while holiday music plays. Going over your favorite Christmas memories while you do it not only gives you all something to talk about but also gets everyone into the spirit. Grab some family photo albums and a box full of Christmas cards from the year before!

Holiday Fun for Kids

Holiday Fun with Kids

Baking cookies is a time honored Christmas tradition that kids always love. Once they come out of the oven they can start to think about how to decorate them. Which ones will have sprinkles and which will have icing will be all up to them and it gives them a sense that they are helping to make Christmas. An extra batch especially for Santa is a must! Knowing that Santa himself ate the cookies that they made and decorated with their own two hands is such a special feeling for a child.

Handmade ornaments are a great idea too. You can set up the table with a plastic table cloth and get out some glue, sparkles, ribbon and whatever else you can think of. You can use glass ornaments or cardboard, or whatever they have at the nearest craft store. The great thing about doing this is that not only do they have the fun of making them, but when they are finally all finished up and dried they go on the tree. Not only do they get to see something they made on the Christmas tree this year but every year after. Each time they decorate it they will think of that day and years from now when they are all grown up the will get to look at them and think of what a great day that was. 

Adult Christmas Fun

Adult Christmas Fun with the girls

If you have an all adult Christmas party with friends and family it can really be a whole lot of fun. The best time for a party like that is around the week before Christmas so that everyone is available to come and doesn’t have to go see their family. Inviting everyone into your home sounds like it could be a real hassle, and it can, but there are ways to make it a little bit easier. If you shop for premade veggie plates, sandwiches, and oven appetizers you can have great food that you don’t have to actually spend all day making. Just make sure that you watch out for anyone who drove to place alone or doesn’t have a designated driver. Either make sure that everyone has money for a cab or other arrangement or make sure there is a drink limit so that nobody ends up hurt because they had too good a time. As long as it is done right everyone will have a good time.

The Holidays

Just remember that the holidays are meant to be a time of fun and joy. Try to relax a little and have at least one stress free memory of this holiday season. Taking the time to be with the people that you love is the real point of the holiday season. As long as you manage to do that and have some holiday fun with those you love you are sure to have a very merry Christmas.

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