How to Easily Make Paper Tissue Princess Dresses

How to make a Easy Paper Tissue Princess Dresses

Princess-themed parties and events are a tale as old as time. What little girl doesn’t want to dress up as her favorite princess and get the royal treatment for a day? Even as an adult, I still would! On the flip side, there’s nothing better than playing Fairy Godmother to make a little girl’s royal dreams come true. And don’t worry, if there’s a princess in your life who wants to have her fairytale heroine (or heroines) as the central theme of her party, you don’t have to drop a king’s salary on decorations. You can make most of them yourself – like these Paper Tissue Princess Dresses!

DIY Easy Paper Tissue Princess Dresses

These paper figurines are hugely popular for party décor, especially when it comes to adorable princess parties! You won’t need much to put them together, either. You’ll just have to get some paper tissue, scissors, glue, craft sticks, and a headshot of your princess of choice. And don’t let the honeycomb pattern fool you! It looks complicated, but it’s quite simple to make; once you have the pattern down, you’ll be cranking these babies out faster than you can wish upon a star!

Materials Needed

Paper Tissue
Wooden Stick (Icy pole sticks)
Princess Cut Out (Free Download Below)

Free Princess Dress Template Download

Paper Tissue Princess Dresses are an excellent addition to any arsenal of birthday party decorations. But that’s not the only place you can use them! Use them as décor for a Princess themed baby shower to dress up the food tables, use as centerpieces, and display table numbers. You can easily attach a string to the paper princesses and hang them from the ceiling, too! And if the cake for your event needs a bold pop of color, one of these figurines would make an excellent cake topper.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your craft supplies and your magic wand, maybe recruit some forest animals to help, and let’s bippity-boppity-build some beautiful princess dresses!

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