Bunny and Friends 100 Day Celebration


Bunny & Friends 100 Day Celebration by Ms. Laine Events

This Bunny & Friends 100 Day celebration was planned by Ms. Laine Events. The event was filled with sweet and adorable decor. The soft color palette made the party even cuter!

The dessert table was adorable! Two tiers of cupcakes were made to look just like woodland animals. Macaroons were creatively placed on a triangular prism to resemble a tree. The macaroons took the shapes of sweet rabbits, foxes, and birds. A pink bow was the perfect way to complete the tree. An adorable pink and white cake was topped with a fondant hot air balloon with exquisite detail. Even the cake pops fit with the theme. The cake pops were also made to look like adorable rabbits and bunnies.

Th background of the dessert table was stunning! A sheer white curtain was placed in front of sparkling white lights. A special banner in pink and purple was made for the special day. Pink and purple balloons made a beautiful cascade. A small basket with a stuffed animal was repurposed into a miniature hot air balloon. Pink and purple balloons were used to give the hot air balloon the appearance of floating. A variety of white and purple flowers were placed at the front of the table. An adorable stuffed rabbit was also repurposed into an elegant decoration.

Words from the Planner: Oh! My Bunny & friends. How cute is this 100 days celebration for baby Aryssa despite only have a short time to plan. We are so in love with how everything came together – the details and the sweet color combination

adorable animal cupcakes
bunny and fox macaroons in pastels
Bunny and Friends 100 Day Celebration
Bunny and Friends 100 Day party ideas
bunny and friends hot air balloon
bunny fox birds cupcake toppers
fox and bunny cake toppers
fox and bunny cakepops
hot air balloon cake
silver glitter bunny display
silver glitter purple pink balloo arch
sweet bunny and friends decors
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