DIY Santa Claus Origami Favor Box

As Christmas is approaching I thought i’d make Christmas Santa origami favor boxes. If you’ve never done origami, you may find making this a little challenging, but after a few practice, I’m sure you’ll get it!

For those who have done some paper crafting, you’ll find this Santa Claus favor box is quite simple to make and I think it looks pretty cute! You can gather friends and childrens for a day of DIY craft and get them to participate in making one of these cuties that they can take home and hang on their Christmas tree. There’s other paper crafts for easy Christmas trees and stars on youtube that you can learn prior to the day so you can be the teacher of the day!

DIY Santa Claus box for candies


2 sheets of square papers (origami), a pen, and a ribbon for hanging it on Christmas tree, and a bit of sticky tape to attach the ribbon to the paper.

It’s such a cute idea and costs so little to make. If you are on low budget and love some crafting, then I think this would be a brilliant idea. There is a little slot at the back for the lovely Christmas candies!

DIY Santa Claus box for candies
DIY Santa Claus favor box
DIY chrismtas santa treat favor boxes for candies DIY chrismtas santa treat box

Video on How to Make Santa Clause Favors

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