Sibling Baby Shower for Big Sister or Brother-to-be

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So, you are having a second child, the excitement of having another baby and the thoughts of how to include the older sibling is going through your mind. Then a friend calls saying they want to give you a baby shower. How do you include the older child in the baby shower?  In this page we will look at many different ways on how to include the sibling in the baby shower.

Talk with the Hostess

The first thing to do is talk with the hostess of the shower and let them know that you want to make sure the older child is included in all the excitement of the baby shower. Let the older sibling know that he or she will have a special outfit to wear to the party. This outfit will let everyone know that that child will be the big brother or sister.

Task for the Sibling

At the time of the baby shower give the sibling a special job to do. For example they can greet all the guest at the door. If the child is old enough they can introduce themselves as the big brother or big sister.  Be sure to explain to the child that they are to say hello to each guest and show them to the room where the shower is being held.

Special Seatings

Then there is the seating at the baby shower, as we all know that the mom to be gets a special seat. Well instead of just making one special seat make to special seats one for the mom and one for the big brother or sister. Make the siblings chair look special by using a sign and balloons that says something for the big brother or sister.

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Gifts for the Older Sibling

One other thing to consider is gifts! Who does not like to receive gifts? We all know that children really like to receive gifts. Not every guest will be able to get an extra gift. Some of the guest will be able to buy a gift for the older sibling.

The gifts need not to go overboard, but gifts like coloring books and puzzles for the older sibling at the baby shower will be great. Talk with close friends and family to help out with the gifts for the older sibling.

Gift for Big Sister sibling baby shower gift idea

Sibling Gender Reveal

If the gender of the baby is still unknown, a Sibling gender reveal might be an exciting option! It is a trendy way to celebrate and involve the sibling, as it focuses on them finding out if they are going to have a brother or sister!

This gender reveal balloon would make a perfect way to make this happen! The balloon kit comes with blue and pink confetti, and when the time comes, the sibling can pop to reveal the gender!

sibling gender reveal balloon

Adjustment Period

Document the day of the baby shower. Most siblings are excited about the new baby. That is until the baby arrives. Having pictures of the baby shower to look at will help get through the adjustment period of having a new baby around the house. Remember to get a few silly photos at the baby shower!

One thing to keep in mind, it is important to give constant assurance that the older child will still be important after the baby is born. One thing that has worked in the past with the older siblings is make them feel special. Another idea is to set aside special time with the older child and reassure that mom and dad has enough love for the older child and the baby.

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