Soccer Baby Shower Ideas

Whether a mother-to-be is having a little girl or a little boy, a soccer themed baby shower is universally gender friendly and full of fun. There are so many ways to put together a soccer baby shower, that this gives you limitless options for ultimate creativity. Get those soccer ball invitations out in the mail to get your guests excited for this sweet baby shower!

soccer baby shower ideas

Soccer Baby Shower Invitations

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Soccer Baby Shower Invitation
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Soccer Baby Shower Decorations

Decorations can be as simple or elaborate as you wish, and you can never have too much soccer images of the balls, goals, and field. Black and white balloons, soccer ball streamers with the baby’s name spelled out, shiny soccer ball garland, and flag banners are all perfect basic decorations that portray the theme brilliantly. Tissue paper pom poms hanging from the ceiling in bold black and red colors, and green tablecloths with field goal centerpieces are also fantastic additions to the overall look. A full soccer field backdrop for the main event table that houses the cake is great for the theme, and little soccer player figurines, baby soccer jerseys, and soccer balls placed throughout the party venue are amazing to pull everything together.


Soccer Baby Shower Tableware

soccer baby shower tableware supplies

Soccer Baby Shower Food

Food can be especially exciting to put together, as you can really use your imagination incorporating the soccer theme. A soccer ball shaped event cake with a baby soccer player topper, or a full sheet cake in the image of an entire soccer field are both great ideas for fabulous and memorable baby shower cakes. Likewise, a diaper cake in the same themed fashion can also be put up for the mommy-to-be. Chocolate cupcakes with bright green frosting and bouncing soccer ball toppers, sugar cookies in the shape of soccer flags, and cakepops in the design of little babies in soccer jerseys are as fun as they are delicious ideas. Glass jars full of colorful candies and miniature bottles of Gatorade are sporty and yummy, while saltier fares like hoagie sandwiches and pretzel bites are easy to grab and go as guests enjoy the party.

Soccer Baby Shower Games

Games are easy and interactive when using a soccer theme, as you can set up a little miniature soccer game for the guests to play, even indoors. Baby Bingo, guess the baby food and a onesie painting activity are also classic baby shower games that guest still enjoy tremendously, as they offer a creative outlet and a perfect ice breaker. You can also have guests sign a soccer ball instead of a guestbook as a flair of creativity, and the baby will have this as a keepsake forever.


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Soccer Baby Shower Favors

Brilliant favors for a soccer-themed baby shower include soccer ball keychains, personalized candles with soccer ball images, and gourmet cookies with soccer sport images are all wonderful ways to show your guests you are grateful that they celebrated with you. Mason jars full of black and white M&M’s with polka dot ribbon and flag labels are also a guest favorite.

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