Making Gourmet Chocolate Pocky Sticks

Making Gourmet Chocolate Pocky Sticks

Using any of your favorite toppings, you can make this easy and delicious gourmet pocky sticks. Dip the pretzel sticks in chocolate, then coat with sprinkles, chocolate chips, marshmallows, cookie crumbs, nuts, crushed violet crumble, favorite cereal, or any other toppings that you love. It is a very simple, tasty dessert! For the sticks, you can actually use the Crax Pretzel sticks which is what i used, or Pretz salad sticks which you may find at asian grocers. I chose the Crax Pretzel sticks as they are less salty and a lot cheaper!

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Start making the pocky sticks by gathering all of your toppings of choice – sprinkles, candy, cookie crumbs, honey combs, marshmallows, nuts, etc. If you are making these sticks for a special occasion, you may want to decorate them festively. For instance, you could add cute green and red sprinkles to white chocolate dipped Pretzel for a Christmas party. Next, crush your toppings so that they are ready to go on the Pretzel sticks.

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Once you have crushed all of your toppings, it’s time to dip the Pretzel sticks in melted white, milk, or dark chocolate. I used milk chocolate. Now, it’s time for the fun part! Coat the chocolate dipped Pretzel in your toppings of choice, then let them dry before serving. Or, you could drizzle the sticks with a different chocolate flavor to give them a little extra sweetness. Now, you have your very own homemade pocky sticks to enjoy and share with your friends and family. Enjoy them at home with your family, or bring them to parties and showers where they will certainly be a crowd pleaser! You could even put them in little treat bags for a delicious Christmas gift that everyone will love.

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Coat chocolate dipped Pretzel sticks

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