Christmas Baby Shower Ideas

Christmas themed baby shower ideas for winter
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Is your best friend expecting a baby this coming yuletide season? Or perhaps she want to celebrate the recent birth of your son or daughter with a grand baby shower this Christmas? If you are planning to celebrate a baby shower this Christmas, then you need to have the right decor to go with it. There are many cool and bright ideas in making decor that will fit both occasions. From a delightful palate of red and green colors to glimmering golds and silvers, this event is sure to have everyone in the spirit of joy.

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Whimsical and fun are the feelings you want to aim for with a Christmas baby shower. Think about why and how it is that the season of Christmas brings us all together and incorporate that into the overall ambience of the party. Miniature, baby everything in the spirit is a great addition—i.e., elves, reindeer, woodland creatures, Christmas trees, wreaths, or ornaments. It adds a touch of cuteness to tie in small décor with the theme of baby.




Christmas Baby Shower Decorations

Stick with a simple array of colors: the standard ruby and hunter green, along with crisp adorning hues like ice whites and blues, and plenty of sparkles. The decorations for a Christmas baby shower are really all about the little things. Red tablecloths adorned with bowls of glittery pinecones or figurines of a baby deer family is an example of how great simple Christmas colors merge splendidly with flashier accents. Miniature wreath garlands and tinsel strung throughout the room mixed with warm lighting give the space a cozy feel, while paper snowflake cutouts bring in a youthful look. Opt for unique pieces as well, such as a diaper Christmas tree! This is as functional as it is creative and it’s something that both the mom and guests will be simply “wow’d” with. Don’t forget a delightfully decorated gift table as well, complete with a guestbook for all attendees to sign and give well wishes for the new addition.

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Placing stuffed toys under the Christmas tree is a perfect Christmas decoration that also fits a baby shower. If you have ordinary dolls and stuffed toys around, simply add some improvements to make them look more Christmassy. For example you can tie a red cloth around the doll or stuffed toy that would make it look like it’s wearing a red scarf. Add Santa hats and it will be a perfect baby shower Christmas decor.Bake up some cookies using shape of baby booties, baby feet, or carriage cutters and frost them with holiday colored icing. Or you could make angels, candy canes, snowman  shaped cookies with blue or pink icing. Perfect for baby shower favors too!


Christmas Baby Shower Centerpiece

A great centerpiece idea for the table would be to have a small tabletop Christmas tree decorated with baby items such as pacifiers, rattles , thermometer, baby socks, tiny nail clippers, and more. Make them items the mom can really use for the baby. Christmas tree can be a simple white branches that you can create yourself. You’d need to find a right sized tree branch from your garden or nearby park. Paint them white, and decorate. Tie ribbons to the items and tie them to the branches of a little tree. A perfect gift for mom-to-be too! If you are on a tight budget, rather than having baby items, you can create your ornaments using baby item images such as booties, milk bottle, rattle, baby foot, carriage, ABC blocks, ducks etc. You can easily find images to print from google image. Type ‘baby items’ on google image, If the baby is already born, then you can have baby photos.

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Christmas Baby Shower Food

Food for a Christmas baby shower is one of the most fun things to put together. A menu of delectable treats, eats, and beverages really make the party a memorable one, so remember you can never have too many cupcakes or cookies! Thick frosting with poinsettia shaped sugar accents or cookies in the form of baby gingerbread men and sleigh bells are as fun to look at as they are to eat. You can’t forget about the main event cake, either, and a multi-tiered cake is typically the way to go. This way, the guests can all enjoy the cake and there’s a top layer left for the future mama to keep. Red and white stripes reminiscent of a candy cane with a topper of the baby’s name really steals the show. Dips and finger foods are the way to go for salty fares, and remember to create curly-cued letters to form food labels. Hot cider, hot chocolate, and a Grinch-inspired punch round out the eating tables with true to the season beverages.



Speaking of the Grinch, a final touch of nostalgic décor that will tie the whole party together is pin-ups of childhood Christmas movies. Posters or prints of A Christmas Carol, A Charlie Brown Christmas, Frosty the Snowman, and all other beloved holiday films bring the feel of the season and the joy of a new baby.

Christmas Baby Shower Favors

Hot cocoa, snowflake bookmark, life saver candy, snowflake ornament frame, wine stopper favors make a perfect winter themed favors as well. You can personalize the label with your own message.

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