Baby Shower Event Planner

Planning a Baby Shower Party with an Event Planner:

A baby shower party is a simple yet an important event which many first-time mothers must experience before giving birth. Because it should be a memorable event it should be a well-organized and creative baby shower planning. To make the event well-organized, here are some tips that a planner should take into consideration to have a wonderful shower party for the mom-to-be. This is for the event planner.


Interviewing the Client

The first thing a planner should do is to have an interview with the client to determine their requirements and to provide them an idea concerning the best things that can be carried out to have a successful party. Some of the essential things that must be finalized are the venue, schedule and the theme. If the mom-to-be or the one organizing the party is not yet decided for the theme, the baby shower planner can suggest by showing some photos of their previous clients. When it comes to schedule of the party, the suggested day is on Saturday or Sunday and it should be two to four weeks before the due date of the baby’s birth. The number of people to be invited is likewise very essential so that the planner can help the mom-to-be choose which venue is best for the event and check out if it is available on the preferred date.

After finalizing everything, the planner should focus on the processing of the invitations and should be sent five or six weeks before the event. The invitation should include the following date, venue and time of the event. It must indicate that the event is a baby shower party and the design should be related to the party theme.

Give Attention to the Foods, Decorations, Activities and Party Gifts

The baby shower planner will start working on the activities, party gifts, decorations and foods. It is best to start with the food since giving priority to the food budget is very important. This will help the planner to know how much will be spent for the other costs of the party. When it comes to decorating, the effective planning for the baby shower party must involve creativity in creating various baby stuffs like baby pillows, alphabet blocks, crib as well as extra-large safety pins as decorations. The area will also look good, if you add some colorful balloons depending on the party theme. It is also important for the planner to make some effort in planning the technical side like the lightings and sounds.