Easy Ice Breaker Baby Shower Game Ideas

When planning a baby shower you may know all of the mom-to-be’s friends, but her work friends, her mother, mother-in-law, aunts from both sides of the family and other people that you don’t know are likely to attend the shower. Since a lot of these people have never met, there is likely to be a good amount of tension and awkwardness floating around the room.  While the guest of honor may know everyone, or even just most people if she hasn’t yet met the fathers extended family, the guests that don’t know each other will likely be uncomfortable. You certainly don’t want everyone to take turns talking to the people they already know or have everyone just sitting uncomfortably in silence. So how do you break the ice in a room filled with women that don’t know each other?


Common activities are a great way to get people talking to each other. I know that many people may not like the traditional baby shower games, but we have fresh new ideas that you haven’t heard a thousand times. So maybe one of these ideas will be exactly what you were looking for.

Ice Breaker Baby Shower Activities

Advice & Polaroid Scrapbooking

This one is real favorite because it is half of the shower topic anyway. Whenever you get mothers together in a room with a woman about to have a baby everyone wants to give her the best advice that they wish they had while they were a new mom. So this activity is perfect for a baby shower. You can get an scrap book, along with all sorts of adorable embellishment such as stickers, cutouts, laces, for scrap-booking, and a Polaroid camera. Each guest gets their picture taken, and that photo goes on a page. They can write down their best advice or any sentiments and good wishes and decorate their page to their liking.

advice and wishes polaroid scrapbooking guestbook

As everyone sticks on their photo and writes their advices, encourage them to read what was written on previous pages because that will start up a conversation with those people when they finish writing and keep people from giving all the same advice. They will tell the people whose words they read what they wrote, and conversation starts easily. Once everyone has gotten their turn with the book you give it to the mother as a guide for when the baby comes. Having advice is always great for new parents and everyone will start talking to each other about what they put in it. An instant icebreaker!

Pin the famous Mom

When everyone enters, you introduce them to the group by name and who they are to the guest of honor. Then you pin the name of a famous mother to their back so that they can’t see it. You can use all TV mothers, even celebrity mothers work. Be sure to tell them if it is just TV moms, Celebrity mothers or any commonly known mother so they can play more accurately. Then they get to ask all of the other guests yes or no questions until they guess correctly. They can only remove the name once they have guessed it right. This gives everyone a reason to talk to people and breaks the ice since everyone is more focused on the game than the tension.

Find the Guest

This is a game that will get everyone talking to each other. Download the ‘find the guest’ game printable and print a copy for each guest. Participants will go around asking questions to other guests to find the answers to the questions on the game card. Each participants will fill in the blanks with other guests’ names.  tlc596-find-the-guest-baby-rustic-baby-shower-ice-breaker-game

Pass the prize

Also called ‘Right Left baby shower game‘ , this is a fun baby shower pass along game that is also suitable for children at the event. Guests will pass around the gift as the poem is read and the person who has it at the end gets to keep the prize! tlc596-pass-the-prize-kraft-rustic-baby-shower-game

Draw, Baby!

For guaranteed fun, the Draw, baby! game is the way to go.

Start by handing out paper plates to all of your guests. Tell them their task is to draw a picture of a baby. Sounds simple, right? But there’s a small catch! The paper plate has to be placed on his or her head while drawing.

Watching each other create masterpieces from such an unnatural angle is funny enough, but when everybody’s drawings are revealed to group, that’s when the real laughter begins.


Reward the flexible artist with a gift of your choice. They’ve earned it.

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