Jungle Safari Christening with Woodland Animals


Jungle Safari Christening by EVENTee Party:

This Jungle Safari Christening was planned by EVENTee Party. The party was bursting to the seams with green foliage and woodland animals.

The dessert table was gorgeous! A large cake on a wooden pedastal decorated with greens and blues was set at the center of the table. Delicious looking chocolate cupcakes were decorated with fondant leaves. Guests could also choose from cake pops or candy treats. Each guest was gifted an adorable candy bar that included a special message.


The background of the dessert table was equally gorgeous. A sheer white curtain was placed in front of white twinkling lights. Tropical leaves were elegantly strung across the top of the curtain. A beautiful sign was painted and hung on the center of the background to celebrate the guest of honor. A white table cloth covered the table and was topped with a fishing net and a safari patterned fabric. A large stuffed giraffe and tiger were the perfect decorations to keep with the theme. White, green, and blue balloons formed a beautiful border around the table.

jungle-safari-christening-cake-and-animals jungle-safari-christening-dessert-tablescape-and-leaf-backdrop jungle-safari-christening-party-backdrop jungle-safari-christening-sweets jungle-safari-christening

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