Unique Baby Shower Ideas

Planning a baby shower can be exciting because it is a joyful event of new life.  It can also be quite a stressful event without a good set of ideas.  This is where technology can be your best friend.  With the surplus of unique baby shower planning websites out there, the ideas are plentiful and can make that special day even more spectacular.

One of the first items involved in the planning process is the location of the event.  Setting the scene at a venue that is comfortable for the mother-to-be and her family is the first concern, and so, having it at a family member’s home is the best choice.  However, if the party planner has a more flexible mother-to-be, a lovely setting would be at an outdoor location.  Great ideas for outdoor locations are parks or areas that overlook a body of water.  Is the baby due in the colder months where it would be too uncomfortable to have an outdoor shower?

Setting the venue at an indoor spa would be a relaxing surprise for the whole party.  A massage and facial are the perfect stress relief, especially for a stressed out party planner and the mother-to-be. Make sure you make the masseur aware about this so that mom-to-be can get massaging appropriate for pregnancy or she can have a nice long foot massage. Once the venue is set, the ball will need to get rolling on picking out the most adorable baby shower invitation, especially since most that attend these parties will save them as a keepsake.  Whether you plan to make your own invitations or search online, you want to set a theme so that the invitations represent what decorative look the venue will hold.

If the mother and father-to-be know the sex of the baby, this gives a great idea for the color of the invitation as well as the decorations, such as a blue or pink look to the invitation.  Typically, neutral colors are selected if the sex is unknown or if it is a surprise.  Input from the family is always a great idea for the theme and invitation since they may know what the mother and father-to-be would appreciate most.  Whether you pick rubber ducky, teddy bear, or ultrasound imprint invitations, match the shower to the invitation theme so that party-goers can see the idea spring to life.

For decorations, streamers, balloons, and ribbons are traditional in making it a bit more remarkable, but to give the event that extra something that makes it even more unique, string a clothes line with diapers, bibs, and one-sies around the venue for a charming appearance.  The decorating is the fun part of planning for a baby shower.  Making favors can be a hassle though, especially for those on a budget.  But it does not have to be an extravagant, expensive part of the shower.

A great favor idea is a baby bottle filled with mints with a mesh bag to hold to mints within the bottle and a beautiful ribbon showing the sex (if it is known) of the baby.  This is a simple, fun, and affordable favor that guests will appreciate.  Making the food for the party can be simplistic, or it can be items that go along with the theme.  For instance, rubber ducky marshmallow treats add that special touch to that specific theme.  Making a nice buffet of sample items is optimal so that guests can try a little of all the items.  The most important part of any baby shower is the cake.

When picking out a cake, always go with a flavor that most people will like, but make display so beautiful that others ask where you found such a beautiful cake.  If you want to be more creative, a wonderful idea that is becoming more popular is a diaper cake.  Even though this is not edible, it is a beautiful cake crafted with disposable diapers and assorted items, such as pacifiers and bibs.

The importance of any baby shower is to keep it fun and easy so that everyone can enjoy the event and be relaxed.  Always remember to make it memorable by taking snapshots for a scrapbook for the mother-to-be so that she can share these memories with her baby throughout the years to come.