Mad Science Party

This Mad Science Party was such a unique and fun idea that we thought it would also make a fantastic idea for a Baby Shower. With Alexis from Sugar Sweet in charge, this event turned out to be an entertaining day to remember.

Using black and lime green as the color base, this party had a very cool look from the get-go. The entire set-up had a neat and organized method that really enhanced the science appeal to the theme.

mad science party

The food table was a perfection.  Using a lab-like table for everything to sit on, this area looked just like a science room.  A chalkboard was utilized for the back drop of this centerpiece and had all kinds of fun scientific phrasing written on it neatly.

With a fantastic spread of science-looking munchies, this party was sure to impress the guests. Everything was set-up in an organized way, with different layers to create a full feeling that really looked great. There were fun jelly worm treats that were labeled with The Jelly Synthesis, giving a cute title that was sure to draw attention.

There were delicious looking Macarons, that were placed on a fantastic black tray, all in lime and dark colors that matched the theme spectacularly.  Beside those was a large clear container with massive green gumballs that was labeled with,  The Gumball Compound.  Each food title was innovative and fun, ensuring that this party was a scientific success. Even the chocolate bars had a special look with personalized wrappers that were certain to be a hit.

The birthday cake at this even was a true show-stopper though.  Set up on a black tray, this cake was the epitome of the Mad Science theme with a massive layer topped with crazy bubbling beakers.  The letters even match those on the scientific table, ensuring that the guests would enjoy this party down to the last bite.

Credits –

Concept and styling: Sugar Sweet 
Backdrop and chocolate bars: Sugar Sweet
Mad Science Printables: Spaceships and Laser Beams
Cake and cookies: Cherry Cake Co. 
Macarons: Velvetier
Entertainment: Steve from Liddell Education 

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