“Oh Baby” Pastel Baby Shower



This incredible Oh Baby Pastel Shower was beautifully designed by Bright Sky Events.  Using a range of lovely pastel tones, the venue for the party had a delightful ambience that was sure to have the guests feeling light-hearted and comfortable. The party room was fantastic, several stories up with a massive window so everyone could enjoy a gorgeous view of the outdoors.  Along one wall a huge bay window made a phenomenal backdrop for the dessert station, inviting lots of natural light into the room.  Adorable massive, silver balloon letters spelled out “Baby” in front of this window, ensuring that the guests would know what this party was about.

A delightful white wooden table was used to display the goodies in elegant fashion.  Across the center, a thick strand of floral garland featured pastel blooms, creating a soft look. This garland cascaded beautifully over both edges of the table, making it a lovely centerpiece for the table.


There were all sorts of treats for everyone to enjoy too.  Fun sugar cookies were shaped into adorable baby themed items and frosted in pastels to match the theme tones perfectly. These were placed on each side of the table upright so the guests could access them with ease.  At the front of this station decadant strawberry mini pies were placed on a white plate beside another tasty looking snack, each with beautiful labels so the guests would know what they were trying out.


At the back of the table a stunning two layer cake stood on display on top of a wonderful vintage style box.  It was frosted in pastels with a sweet bouquets of flowers on top with a silver, “Oh Baby” topper.  As a cute little accent, baby’s breath was spread around the bottom of the cake in sweet style.

oh-baby-pastel-shower-cake oh-baby-pastel-shower-cake-topper oh-baby-pastel-shower-desserts oh-baby-pastel-shower-dessert-table oh-baby-pastel-shower-edibles oh-baby-pastel-shower-flower-centerpiece oh-baby-pastel-shower-food oh-baby-pastel-shower-frosted-donuts oh-baby-pastel-shower-snacks oh-baby-pastel-shower-strawberries oh-baby-pastel-shower-yogurt


Planning/design – Bright Sky Events – Instagram, Facebook page

Cake, Desert cups , Fresh Flowers Donuts and pastries – Reddy Made Cakes
Beautiful Sugar cookies – Sara Sweet Smile
Fresh Flowers – Buckets Fresh Flowers
Photography – Art and Soul Photography


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