Beauty and the Beast Baby Shower Ideas

Beauty and the Beast baby shower belle dress table

A Beauty and the Beast-themed baby shower is a magical and enchanting way to celebrate the impending arrival of a little one. Inspired by the beloved Disney classic, this theme offers elegance, charm, and a touch of fairy tale magic.


By incorporating elegant decorations, whimsical centerpieces, delightful food, engaging activities, and thoughtful favors, you can create a memorable event that guests will adore. From the moment they receive their invitations to the time they leave with their charming favors, every detail can be tailored to evoke the magic and romance of Beauty and the Beast, making the baby shower a truly special experience for everyone involved.

beauty and the beast elaborate backdrop
Celebration Stylist

Beauty & the Beast Baby Shower Invitations

Set the tone with invitations that capture the charm and elegance of Beauty and the Beast. Choose designs featuring Belle, the Beast, the enchanted rose, or the castle. Use a color palette of gold, blue, and red to reflect the movie’s iconic colors. Add phrases like “Be Our Guest” and “Join Us for a Tale as Old as Time.” Personalize with details of the event and consider adding a touch of glitter or embossing for a magical touch. Including a small rose or a bookmark with a Beauty and the Beast quote can make the invitation even more special.

Beauty & the Beast Baby Shower Decorations

Transform your venue into a beautiful and whimsical setting inspired by the enchanting world of Beauty and the Beast. Start with a color palette of gold, royal blue, and red to capture the essence of Belle’s iconic dress and the Beast’s castle. Decorate with elegant drapery, fairy lights, and gold accents to create a luxurious atmosphere.

beauty and the beast themed party roses

Entrance: Set the tone with a grand entrance featuring a red carpet and a “Be Our Guest” sign. Flank the entrance with gold candelabras and red roses to evoke the ambiance of the enchanted castle.

Backdrop: Create a stunning photo backdrop with a large silhouette of Belle and the Beast dancing, surrounded by twinkling fairy lights and a cascade of red roses. Add a banner with the baby’s name or a charming phrase like “A Tale as Old as Time.”

stunning belle in gold and yellow baby shower once upon a time backdrop

Table Settings: Use gold tablecloths and royal blue napkins to dress the tables. Place gold chargers and elegant dinnerware at each setting. Scatter faux rose petals and mini candelabras across the tables for an extra touch of magic.

Wall Decor: Hang framed quotes from the movie, such as “Beauty is found within” and “True beauty comes from the heart.” Add vintage mirrors and ornate frames to create a castle-like atmosphere.

Beauty & the Beast Baby Shower Centerpieces


Create enchanting baby shower centerpieces that capture the fairy tale magic of Beauty and the Beast.

Enchanted Rose: Use glass cloches or tall drinking glasses to encase a single red rose, mimicking the enchanted rose from the movie. Add fairy lights inside the cloche to give it a magical glow. Surround the cloche with gold-painted books and candlesticks for an elegant touch.


Teapot and Teacups: Incorporate characters like Mrs. Potts and Chip by using teapots and teacups as centerpieces. Fill them with fresh flowers in colors of red, white, and yellow. Place them on top of vintage books to elevate the look.

Diaper Cake: A “Beauty and the Beast” themed diaper cake can be a stunning centerpiece for a baby shower, blending nicely with enchanting decor.


Candelabras: Use gold candelabras with LED candles to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Decorate the base with greenery and red roses for a romantic touch.

Book Stack: Stack vintage books in the center of the table and top them with a small arrangement of roses and greenery. Add a small figurine of Belle or the Beast to complete the look.

vintage -stacked-books

Beauty & the Beast Baby Shower Games

Engage your guests with fun and themed activities that capture the spirit of Beauty and the Beast.

Guess the Book: Display a selection of vintage books with their titles covered. Have guests guess the titles based on a brief description or first sentence.

Craft Station: Set up a craft station where guests can create their own enchanted rose. Provide small glass jars, red silk roses, and fairy lights for them to assemble.

Photo Booth: Create a photo booth with props like Belle’s yellow dress, Beast masks, and enchanted objects. Provide a backdrop that mimics the ballroom or the enchanted forest for memorable photos.

Beauty & the Beast Baby Shower Food

Delight your guests with a menu inspired by the enchanting world of Beauty and the Beast.

Appetizers: Serve elegant finger foods such as mini quiches, stuffed mushrooms, and crostini with various toppings. Label each dish with themed names like “Lumiere’s Lights” and “Cogsworth’s Clock Bites.”

Princess Belle inspired cake pops
beauty and beast treats

Main Course: Offer a French-inspired menu featuring dishes like coq au vin, ratatouille, and French onion soup. For a simpler option, serve a variety of gourmet sandwiches and salads.

Desserts: Create a dessert table filled with sweet treats like macarons, éclairs, and petit fours. Feature a show-stopping cake decorated with scenes from the movie or shaped like the enchanted rose. Add themed cupcakes with toppers of Belle, the Beast, and the enchanted objects.

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Drinks: Serve a signature “Belle’s Brew” punch in a beautiful glass dispenser. Offer a variety of teas in elegant teapots for a nod to Mrs. Potts. For a touch of sophistication, provide a champagne toast with gold-rimmed glasses.

Beauty & the Beast Baby Shower Favors

Send your guests home with enchanting baby shower favors to thank them for celebrating.

Mini Roses: Give each guest a mini glass cloche with a silk red rose inside, resembling the enchanted rose from the movie.

Candles: Offer small, elegant candles with a label that reads “Be Our Guest” or “Light Up Your World.”

Bookmarks: Create custom bookmarks featuring quotes from the movie and beautiful illustrations of Belle and the Beast.

Teacup Favors: Provide mini teacups filled with candies or tea bags, tied with a ribbon and a thank-you tag.

Beauty & the Beast Party Collection

Take a look at these amazing Beauty and the Beast-themed baby shower celebrations, made possible by talented event planners and bakers! Discover more about each creation below the images. Enjoy the creativity and let it inspire your own ideas.

Beauty and the beast candy table beautiful canopy drapes
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adorable beauty and the beast sugar cookies
Chip Teacups
beautiful beauty and the beast dessert table design
elegant Beauty and the Beast setup with paper flower backdrop
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beauty and the beast backdrop
Gender reveal baby shower cookies beauty or beast
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Beauty and the Beast tiered cake
beauty or beast gender reveal baby shower
beautiful strawberry and roses treat tower
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beauty and the beast belle baby shower cake
Belle Beauty and the Beast inspired baby shower
Beauty and The Beast tea cup dessert table
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Beauty and the Beast Inspired cakepops
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belle tutu dress toppers
giant beauty and beast character props
beautiful princess belle dress cake
beauty and beast party
princess belle dessert table and backdrop poster
Disney’s Belle inspired party
elegant table setup
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belle cutout centerpieces
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